Author: GossamerSolid
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.08
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a mod that will expand on content available to the CDF.

Date: 2012-10-26 19:35

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Following screens are by Bars91

Project CDF


Project CDF is a mod that is aimed at extending the content available to the fictional Green Sea Region. It originally started as a small project to expand the Chernarus Defence Forces, but has blossomed into quite a large project which has greatly expanded content on the CDF side as well as the inclusion of a brand new faction: The People's Republic of South Zagoria.

- Troops: Western Equipped Infantry
- Armor: M1A1, T55
- Vehicles: BTR-60
- Fixed Wing: L-39ZA, SU-34
- Rotary Wing: Mi24V, Mi24P

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Future plans:
+ New islands/maps
+ Full campaign for the PCDF storyline
+ Singleplayer missions
+ Multiplayer missions
+ New factions
+ New weapons, troops and vehicles

All released screenshots can be found here:

PCDF Dev Team
Project Lead - GossamerSolid
Testers - Markb50k, stupidwhitekid75, Dondero

External Contributions
AsierB - Textures
BIS - Models, reference textures
Lennard - LAV25, M113, T34, LandRovers
Max Power - Photoshop Help, RVMat for Mig-29 glass
Rellikki - PRSZ Infantry
Rygugu - T62
STI Stiltman - UH-60L
Vilas - BMP1, 2S1, T62, T64, T72M1, T80, Vilas' Eastern Weapons Pack
Wld427 - Mig21
Xeno426 - 2S1, T62, SKS, RPD
VictorFarbau - Mig21 Sounds
VIT, Eble - Mig29
AtomicTim/18th Pechotni Pluk Tactical Realism Unit - FN FNC

If I forgot anybody, please tell me!

+ Fixed incorrect crewman class for LAV-25
+ Fixed loadout for CDF Western Equipped FN-FAL Soldier
+ Fixed wound RVMats missing for CDF Western troops
+ Fixed firing sound of M-79 Osa (Was using the MAAWS sound instead of its own)
+ Fixed PRSZ Lada police car's texture
+ Fixed scope of PCDF_Mig21_Base to private
+ Fixed classname of PRSZ DSHkM (was overwriting the Chedaki classname)
+ Fixed Russian Mig-29 using BIS Pilot instead of PCDF RU Pilot
+ Fixed T-90 config inheritance (for usage with the T-80 series)
+ Fixed missing semi-colon for displayName entry on CDF Police SUV
+ Changed flight characteristics of M-79 Osa rocket
+ Changed rate of fire for FN-FNC to match more realistic values
+ Changed rate of fire for NSV to match more realistic values
+ Changed items of Kinzhal (Added NVG)
+ Changed CDF Police UAZ-451 texture
+ Changed FN-FNC UI pictures
+ Changed loadout of CDF General and Pilot to Makarov
+ Changed CDF Western Officer Model (Removed field gear)
+ Changed CDF Western Soldier Model (Added headset)
+ New SKS-M GL model
+ New FN-FNC models (Resized and optimized - Multiple Resolution LODs)
+ New T-62 Textures (CDF/PRSZ)
+ New CDF Desert Soldier textures (Eastern/Western - DBDU Camo)
+ Added weapons: SKS Marksman, FNC Silenced, FNC ZF Scope
+ Added CDF, PRSZ Special Forces
+ Added CDF Police SUV
+ Added CDF Militia Officer
+ Added PRSZ Police BRDM-2 (Regular turret version)
+ Removed included Vilas Eastern Weapons PBO (Required models will be directly included in PCDF_Weapons)
+ Removed FN-FNC Carabine version (Classname will return an M4A1 to prevent errors)
+ Removed Russian Federation troop models (using BIS models instead - will look for replacements)

+ Fixed Steering Wheel for UAZ-451
+ Fixed PCDF_CDF_Engineer_2011 - isEngineer changed to Engineer
+ Fixed 2S1 could incorrectly have passengers
+ Fixed PCDF_PRSZ_Militia_AT display name
+ Fixed Mig-29 Flare launch positions
+ Fixed Preprocessor failed on file pcdf_fixedwing\data\mig21\planedestruct_co.paa - error 7 (For real this time)
+ Fixed CDF Western troop's neck clothing
+ Fixed BMP-1 AT3 missile no longer moves back with cannon recoil on main gun
+ Changed Mig-29 Flight model
+ Changed faction classnames (PCDF_Chernarus, PCDF_PRSZ, PCDF_RU)
+ Changed RVMat for UAZ-451, T-64B/BV
+ Changed UAZ-451 to inherit sounds from UAZ instead of Lada
+ Changed BRDM2 crew to be regular soldiers
+ Changed Seperated Militia and Police forces to avoid confusion
+ Changed the loadouts on CDF Militia forces
+ New Picture/Icon for Mig-29
+ New Material textures for UAZ-451
+ New Texture for CDF Western Office's hat
+ New Texture for CDF/PRSZ Mig-21
+ New CDF Western Unarmed soldier model
+ Added Russian Federation to Opfor
+ Added Wreck model for Mig-29
+ Added new Russian Infantry models
+ Added more PRSZ People's Militia models
+ Added PRSZ "Kinzhal" Police division
+ Added PRSZ Police BRDM-2, UAZ-451, Lada
+ Added Desert Camo CDF Troops (both Eastern and Western equipped)
+ Added BMP-1P, BMP-2 Series, 2S1, T-72M1, T-80BV/U, MIG-29 to Russia
+ Added Damaged/Destroyed Textures to UAZ-451, BMP-1/1P, T-64B/BV, T-72M1, T-80B/BV/U
+ Added Wound textures to CDF Western Troops
+ Added FN FNC Series (Thanks to AtomicTim/18th Pechotni Pluk Tactical Realism Unit)
+ Added Vilas' eastern weapons pack (Stripped the configs to prevent compatibility issues)
+ Removed two lowest quality LODs on BMP-1/1P
+ Temporarily Removed 2S1 until I can get the artillery computer working properly

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