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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra, Emita City
Island(s): Emita City
Playable options: N/A

Version: 6.2

Date: 2012-03-29 18:53

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Shaving Emita City


Mission is simple because need to destroy satelite and factory , then kill hidden general, and escape, but mission is hard to finish , is lots of enemies everywhere , tanks, snipers, cords, etc, and you are only on food . But You have almost all weapons to choose from and 300 sec for your mate to revive you. After you die you can start from one or other side of town with same weapons you have .And you can heal you self and your mates everywhere.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

- added some air vehicles
- changed position of bluefor
- added respawn
- changed position of objectives

  • N/A

  • - Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra
    - Emita City

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    Tags: City,   Wounds