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Requirements: FHU Frodo Money Pack V1.0 (included)
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-07-07 06:58

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SP Hunting

This Durev is a madman. He has a good and experienced guards. This mission require some skills, but as Jim Madsen you can handle it. Keep you feet near squad leader and be faster than enemy!

Ortego is under Ivan Durev hands. He called his loyal reinforcements and he terrorized citizens. We evacuate most of them. We also know that Durev steal a lot of money from local bank. As member of Richard Mullins Elite Squad you must retake Ortego and kill this Russian bastard.
    - Meet with officer
    - Find and secure stolen money
    - Kill Durev and his loyal guards
    - Richard Mullins must survive
1. Extract the file Hunting.Sara.pbo to the ArmA\Missions\ folder.

2. Extract the files MoneyS.pbo & money.pbo to \ArmA\Addons\ folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

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