Author: kanelbolle
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: B1.02

Date: 2012-01-06 08:25

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Warzone Sector Control pack


Warzone SC is a mp mission pack with different sector control missions.

How to play:
Capture the zones by standing by the flag's.
All vehicles respawn at base, so there should be plenty of transport and assault vehicles to help defeat the enemy.

- Sector control missions with support for AI
- Up to 60 players intense battlefield.
- Score limit & time limit (Reach the score limit or have the most points when reach the time limit)
- All vehicles respawn in base.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

v b1.02
- fixed: Mission not ending on time limit or score limit
- change: Vehicles have longer and different respawn time depending on type of vehicle.
- new: Added mission "Shukurkalay"

v b1.01
- fixed: Script error (Did not work on v1.60).
- new: Added Mando System.
- new: Added mission "Rasman".

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