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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-07-07 07:09

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OTK collection #2
OTK Team

4 missions campaign featuring intro, outro and voices.

    - "Road incident" - Sansey: You are part of a group of American instructors sent to the city.
    - "Operation Demilitarization" - Sansey: Your task consists of intercepting and destroying an escort on march.

    - "Warrior" - Huligane: In the given mission you have an opportunity to participate in a large-scale approach. You will have an opportunity to visit five commanders during the mission which will lead a platoon into battle. You will have support of a tank, BMP, and platoon. Alot depends on mutual assistance and speed of actions.

    - "Gambit" - Lost: -The beginning of exposure... You play for the commander of a platoon who tries to rescue his people.
Extract the pbo to the ArmA\Campaings\ folder.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to smoke52 and Messiah for help with the translation.

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