Author: Hand of MoscoW
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Requirements: Objects for Radars

Version: 0.1 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addition add in game the P-37 Radar System.

Date: 2012-02-13 23:02

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P-37 Early Warning Radar System

Hand of MoscoW

This addition add in game the P-37 Radar system.

The Soviet/Russian early warning radar P-37, Nato codename "Bar Lock", is intended for investigation of the air opponent, definitions of coordinates on range, an azimuth of air object and also for prompting on the purpose of the fighters and surface-to-air missile systems (in real life).

  • P-37 in a search mode
  • P-37 switched off
  • The generator on base Zil-131 (can be driving)
  • Antenna on base Zil-131 (can be driving)
  • Also textures on a roof and .rvmat on wheels have been corrected.

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Included .pbo files:


Known issues/ Notes:
Now I don't have time and possibility to do a radar and S-300P up to the end. And most likely won't be.
I have closed all projects, but the majority of people wants these additions at least in that kind in which they at me were. And there is a lot is not completed: textures, scripts, LODs etc. I then have decided that I will release these additions on the beta stage. That it would be possible to play them Arma 2. Now I complete them on a minimum.

Credits & thanks:
The author of work - Hand of MoscoW or ( FugaS, /AK-47/ )
Model and textures of Zil-131 (from "OFP") - Alex j.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Objects for Radars

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