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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 1.03.03
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is an addon to maximise situational awareness as a pilot.

Date: 2013-02-01 07:48

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Blake's Pseudo Inertial Navigation System (PINS) and Bombing


Like my other releases at this time, this has been tested on my small test dedicated server by me, but hasn't had any real MP testing.
RL is limiting my online time atm, and a lot of things I have played around with are just getting dusty on my HD. So I figure better to just release as an ALPHA product and hope the community can enjoy some of these addons. FeedBack welcome especially regarding functionality on dedicated servers.

Background to design choices. Firstly I am an avid flight simulation enthusist, and have been using one piece of software or another for nearly thirty years. That said I believe Arma to primarily be and infantry simulator. It's one unqiue feature over any other software I have used in my opinion is it's ability to allow human players to experince the interaction between different arms within the military. So my focus here was to try and maximise that communication from the air to the ground, so many aspects are simplified in the aircraft so that hopefully on the ground it seems no different to somebody linking dcs a10 to arma.
Most importantly I wanted to maximise situational awareness, so that instead of the pilot always having his head in the map, he always has the most important reference point right there. He can then relay things like how long he will be what direction all from the information displayed. Hopefully it will make things like targetting with referencing smoke a lot easier as the imediate area is framed. Though the pilot still needs to use his eyes to find the exact point and the reference frame doesn't focus right down to the exact point. Resonably easy with a cluster of five buildings, different in the middle of a large town or city.
Even if you are just tranporting troops in, and you want to fly low, this gives you the distance to the area allowing you to focus on flying without be distracted by where you are going, or worse plowing into the ground because it took a little to long for your map to close.

Depending on the mission you can add a camera so the pilot can focus in more precisely on the area either as an aid for when referencing points with the ground, or fine tuning for CCIP,CCRP or Laser delivery.

I also wanted to have the different types of attacks represented better. So that the ground controller can make better use of the planes munitions. So unguided bombs can no longer lock onto a vehicle, but the pilot actually has an aiming cursor. Unguided bombs will drift too, so careful consideration needs to be applied in regards to where friendly troops are located. Eg target has a couple of non radar guided anti aircraft guns in a farm, friendlies in nearby woods. You have a harrier on call with unguided bombs. Better to setup a medium altitude CCRP run, to limit the guns effect compared to diving down onto the target. If this target was in the middle of the city then this may not be the right call as a stray bomb could kill civilians etc.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

The ACE config changes PBO is only required if using ACE. From my limited testing it seems to help the situation with unguided bombs. It also changes the cluster bombs to show the aiming pipper for them. At higher levels the cluster munitions will fall short. Best employed at low level or dive bombing. Hopefully my changes don't impact on any other ACE functionality. Hence the beta label

Included .pbo files:


Note: Video is of an older module version. I haven't had time to create a newer one.

For usage instructions please refer to the included readme!

- Fixed: Menus not appearing if the player doesn't start in the plane broken in the last update. (Thanks to Sjaba for finding this one).

- Altered: Menus to be created with the aircraft rather than dynamically to prevent duplication.

- Fixed: Bomb pipper staying visible when non bomb weapons selected.
- Fixed: Action menu item duplication in multi personed aricraft.

- Minor changes to the rover terminal and have included the pbo by default.
- Changed: Rover terminal FEED view now selected by toggling the zoomin key NUM+ by default.
- Removed sound when viewing rover feed.
- Added code to hopefully prevent the locked thermal view issue.

- Added map auto closes after selecting the steerpoint.
- Added a menu item FEED that broadcasts your cameras video feed to an external unit such as a JTAC. (Alpha)(Hold zoomout key to access. Requires a camera).
- Added a modded Rover terminal, an adaption of the default laptop that functions as a Rover terminal. (Alpha)

- Added HUD secondary System menu item as an option for avoiding conflicting addons/scripts. Causes PINS to use the alternative resource layer.
- Fixed a couple of issues when cleaning up after death, where overlay components would remain visible.

- Added Toggle laser off and on while in camera view. LookCenter key Default NUM5.
- Added Reset menu item to action menu if overlay disappears. Requires user to hold zoom out key to make visable.
- Changed Hud Colour/Display options to require user to hold down the zoom out key. Help declutter action menu.
- Removed Zoom action menu, not required with using CBA key handlers.
- Fixed syntax error that prevented a CBA key eventhandler from being removed.
- Tweeked some of the routines to try and reduce mods overall impact slightly.
- Added a config modification to help resolve ACE unguided bomb issues. (Seperate PBO found in the ACE_Bomb_fix_beta folder in the download).

- Fixed missing { in the code contained in the fired event handler.
- Changed setting SP to be from within an action menu.
- Removed SP reset action menu, not required with the change above.
- Resized the text in the camera view.
- Removed firing range limits.

- Changed Flir colour from green to white.
- Added Lase indicator to the camera view.
- Added Grid reference of SP to the camera view.
- Added current weapons name and ammo amount to the camera view.
- Changed hud colours to be either bright or dark options only.
- Changed the camera info to be either black or white dependant on the hud colour settings.
- Added the ability to fire weapons from the camera view, keyboard only, watch key. (Joysticks with the ability to assign key strokes may be able to use that function to fire from the stick - not tested).
- Added mouse support for moving the camera.

- Altered the locking algorithm as it was conflicting with targeting vehicle objects.
- Added IR and white hot, black hot thermal modes for the camera. Keyboard only, zoomout key. Default "numpad -" to cycle through the modes.
- Changed the daylight camera to colour.
- Increased the rate of movement for slewing the camera.
- Added RST SP action menu. Allows better functionality with other mods. Example [FRL] Myke's missle Box JDAM addon also requires the onmouseclick functionality. Selecting this after using the gps dialog for the jdam will restore the onmouseclick functionality for repositioning the steerpoint.
- Added menu item SP-ACRFT Selecting this menu item will set the sp marker to the aircrafts current position. Useful for marking up something unexpected without needing to bring up the map.
- Added menu item SP-LOCK Selecting this menu item will set the sp to the currently locked target if it isn't an aircraft.
- Guns no longer fire using the PINS fire default watch.

- Changed control of the weapons systems to the gunner if there is one on the aircraft.
- Changed the binoculars key to be a toggle on toggle off for the flir cam, Hold breath is still only while held.

- Added config check to increase the number of valid weapons recognised opfor laser missiles now work
- Fixed incorrect laser for opfor side
- Added basic check to redirect lasers that are under buildings onto a face of the bounding box
- Added generic lock cone for laser guided weapons
- Added lock indicator when laser weapons have acquired the laser. (Small circle)
- Added CBA keys handler to allow the use of the keyboard with some functions
- Binocular key can be used insitu of the hold breath key.
- The keyboard lookleft etc keys will now move the flir camera around if available.
- The zoomin key has better response through CBA handler.
- Added line of sight check to the laser, no need to keep refreshing via the flir camera. The laser will still revert to armed from on after 2mins of not using the camera.

- Initial public release

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