F-14D SuperTomcat version 1.4 by VectorX96
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VectorX96 submitted an updated version of the F-14D SuperTomcat which he posted about on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote VectorX96 :
    This is v1.4, it fixes a few problems and adds a whole lot of new stuff. If anything this is an update of textures and animations, but adds fixes, and removes a few other things.

    • Added Separate vehicle classes for VF's
    • Added Different number textures (ex. F-14 100 and F-14 102)
    • Added More textures
    • Fixed Sweep and Swept Wings, and are now actual user actions and not scripts, so they should show all the time.
    • Added Cargo Sweep Action
    • Added Free Fall bombs Bombcat, to complement the Laser guided Bombcat
    • Added Working a certain degree
    • Fixed Probe animations
    • Added fully animated boarding ladder
    • Fixed Main gear animations to match real life
    • Added Radome Up and Down animation for maintence look
    • Fixed dampers, to look like Tomcat has a large weight
    • Made elevators turn down when engine off and parked
    • Removed Afterburners due to their stupidity and not wanting to work
    • Changed reflector colors

Written on 2012-06-17 15:59 by Foxhound  

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