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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 0.46 alpha

Date: 2007-07-09 15:03

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    - a commander(maybe vehicle?) has control over multiple (not too many) squads
    - view is maybe fixed above his head (20ft?) or maybe can switched to squadleaders
    - the commander can select squads via a simple interface
    - if a squad is selected, it can be sent to places by clicking on ground (dont know if this is possible, otherwise it has to be done via map)
    - also, various actions can be implemented: behaviour,stance,firemode,special (easy, just buttons in interface)
    - special actions include: plant mines (script that plants mines in random places within a small radius), board nearest vehicle, patrol area, regroup+heal+rearm etc...
    - strategymode is primarily designed for human vs. human, but training vs. cpu is easy to implement too
    - there are no resources! at beginning of map, either troops may be chosen (obeying a "value" limit) or the scenario has predefined armies
    - objectives depend on scenario, but mainly "assault: one side defends other attacks" or just "side vs. side". its not very important to have many different types since the gameplay is very enjoyable itself.
    - there have to be area of operations restrictions to prevent abuse (hiding somewhere on sahrani)
    - at start of mission after selecting("buying") armies, for each side there is an area where armies can be deployed, if both sides have finished, the game starts.
    - deploying is done with dummies (so that units dont engage in phase of deployment)
    - no air units planned atm (balance, gameplay restrictions)
    - maybe deployment areas will be randomly selected on sahrani or predefined points
    - not too much fiddling with weapon loadouts etc., this is just overkill. keep it simple with standard infantry, anti tank team, specop, light transport, IFV, MAYBE tanks
    - simple upgrades for infantry at buyout phase: skill(expensive),sniper,machinegunner,grenades
    - commander can not fight, alternatively only in his command element, but can not switch into squadleaders

The rar contains both the compiled (singleplayer) missions and the sourcefiles. You may modify
them as you wish as long as proper credit is given and the result is not distributed under the exact same name (unless
i give permission).
If you just want to play around, put the .pbo-files into your %arma path%\Missions folder (or MPMissions, if desired); if
you want to load it in the editor, extract the folder in the archive into your
%user documents&settings%\arma other profiles\%profilename%\missions directory and load it in editor (rahmadi island)

Quick Tutorial:
youre starting with your commandpost and an actionmenu entry "buy"
-click it and buy your units
-any form of exiting the buyscreen starts the deployment phase, so be careful
-after you exited the buyscreen you can deploy your units via "deploy" actionmenu entry
-if you close the dialog nothing happens (but deploypositions are saved)
-if you start the mission without deploying your units, they are created at default positions (within deployment zone)
-if you press "i am ready" the game starts and your selected units are created on the designated positions
-via the actionmenu, select "interface": this is a panel where you can select the squad you like to command, set its combat modes/speed etc. and send it to a
location by clicking on the map.

# the missions have a (short) briefing
# friendly units have some sort of cloud hovering above their head, this is to be able to better distinguish them from the
terrain or know the position despite them being behind a hill or a house etc.
# maybe the best way to play it is in commander view, not 1st/3rd person
# so have fun trying it out against some AI ;)

Use as Template:
i.) start a new map
ii.) copy the files and folders from the Strategymode033.Intro folder into your mapfolder
iii.) create:
    - a vehicle called "W_compost"
    - a player called "W_com" (+ maybe a soldier "W_comgunner")
    - # stands for a number, can be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), one for each:
      + Markers "marker_W#"
      + markers "marker_Wp#"
      + objects "W#_dummy"
      + squadleaders "W_player#"
    - a marker "W_deploy", must be of form "rectangle"
=>alternatively, just copy ALL the stuff from my .Intro mission into your mission
iv.) place any enemies you want, triggers, areas, markers, briefing --WHATEVER
v.) play

To do:
-remove a squad from the list if it is destroyed completely
-(shift?)click-drag in maps to set direction a squad shall face
-floating positionindicators for deployed troops before they are created
-#1 wish: somehow find a way to indicate squadtype/size with floating positionindicator (currently its done via a particle source, id like to have floating text in the air)
-somewhen in future: a camera mode where its possible to switch to squadleaders, be able to use binoculars if turned out
-make it multiplayer, of course

Known bugs:
- MP mode currently requires the host to deactivate AI players, i make use of diasableAI in description.ext but it doesnt seem to work
- vehicle turrets always face north when vehicle is created and stays so while moving, it doesnt align with vehicle movement direction. is only fixed if the unit is engaging in combat.
- contact me if you find other errors

- there was a bug with "motorized Infantry" which hanged ArmA after deployment phase was ended
- unit sizes in the interface should work now better
- times of day more atmospheric now
- restricted maximum amount of M1A1 to 2, to prevent exploit "buy 8 Abrams and stomp enemy"
- coop mode is now the standard -> will get extended to side vs. side soon
- "Area of Operations": all units which leave the AoO are killed!

-added custom pictures for unittypes
-added more unittypes (m1a1,stryker,specops)
-troop infos are now shown in interface: lvl,name,upgrade,vehiclestatus,remaining soldiers of inital soldiers,picture
-deployment area working: for troop placement as well as for commander (so he cant drive around map before game started)
after exiting and then re-entering interface, the first squad was set to wedge/careless/hold fire/slow, is working now correctly deployment area signaling was not correct, now shows correct size with particleeffect some troops didnt get as many soldiers as indicated in buyscreen

-main features working
-cleaned files and placement in editor a bit, so its now easy to use it as a template

Dr_Eyeball for his Dialog Framework (v1.1) and helping me with various questions, see also

Forum topic:;act=ST;f=69;t=63926

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