Coop mission : Operation Peren's Waltz by NkEnNy

NkEnNy released a new coop mission in the BI forums.

    Quote NkEnNy :
    The recent month has seen a increase in insurgent activity. Misshandling by the local CDF (Chernarussian Defence Forces) forces means that the ChDkZ (Red Star Communist Guerilla) have established a formidable supply network in the heartland of the three valleys province of Chernarus. UAV footage has revealed a mechanized infantry force operating out of Dolina. SIGINT has betrayed a hidden ZSU-23 AAA (Atni Aircraft Artillery) in the very center of the village. More importantly a pair of BRDM-2 (Armored Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) has been stored in an abandoned warehouse. While tempting targets, the AAA combined with the insurgents proximity to civilian housing, has precluded a surgical strike made by air assets.

    In response a Special Forces unit, LIMA, has been tasked to infiltrate the village to destroy all relevant targets. What few sources we have have noted a large number of deliveries being made to a nearby warehouse. Our CDF intelligence officer has asked us to investigate the warehouse.

Written on 2012-01-25 10:21 by nkenny  

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