Romanian Armed Forces Infantry by ShOcKeRoS
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ShOcKeRoS released his Romanian Armed Forces Infantry on the BI forums.
This contains different Romanian Armed Forces Infantry units with weapons.

    Quote ShOcKeRoS :
    First thing you need to know is that this version was not designed for the official release, so if you encounter any bugs please report them through PM on BISforums(Account ShOcKeRoS).

    I decided to release only the infantry version of the mod because many people PM'ed me(my squad mates too)about the mod and when is releasing. Also i hope somewhere in the near future to release the full version with Tanks,Airplanes,Helicopters,Cars but right now is not possible because i'm alone in the team and can't do all those by myself.

Written on 2012-01-29 11:19 by Armaholic  

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