Enhanced Skills Slider by Jedra
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Jedra released an updated beta of his Enhanced Skills Slider on the BI forums.

    Quote Jedra :
    With some of the changes to the way precision-enemy and precision-friendly work in the 1.6 patch, I started to look at how the AI works in Arma 2, paying particular attention to the Skills Array. In various bouts of testing I found that the skills array had a drastic effect on the way the AI behaved. I came to the conclusion that just having a slider for overall skill was not giving the player, or server admin the fine control they needed. Hence the Enhanced Skills Slider.

    The Enhanced Skills Slider will allow you to change the skills of a whole side, a whole group or a single unit on the fly. It works in Single Player, Multiplayer (LAN) and Multiplayer (Dedicated).

    The Enhanced Skills Slider is a Client and Server Side Addon and will only be available to the server admin when playing multiplayer. It is accessed via the Action menu.

    • Fixed a problem with detecting a LAN (hosted) mission.

Written on 2012-03-06 08:55 by Jedra  

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