WIP Report - F-14D Super Tomcat
Work in progress

VectorX96 posted a few more pictures and some upcoming changes to his F-14D Super Tomcat on our forums.

    Quote VectorX96:
    Sorry for the lack of updates and just posting on forums about the tomcat, but i've been really drowned in work because of school, and when i had downtime i was helping Feint with his refueling addon. However i still have alot to do mostly textures and shadow volume, shadows i might just remove and re-add in a later update its hard creating new volume for a completely different model.

    Here is a list of what i've done, some of it is old some new:

    • Afterburner added and fitted
    • Pilot controls gun
    • Now one action to start sweep and swept animations
    • Pilot can see Probe
    • Airbrakes
    • Added ladders and steps just for looks
    • Added reflectors for night flights
    • GPS/INS system (new)
    • RWR added (new)
    • Bombcat version added(x4 GBU-12's, x2 AIM-9's, x1 AIM-7)

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the F-14D Super Tomcat topic.

Written on 2012-02-16 04:53 by VectorX96  

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