Balkan War Mod version 1.3 beta released
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SuperRat released an updated beta of the Balkan War Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote SuperRat :
    After 2 and half of work on BWM mod finally!!!! its (STABLE) this mod is about the conflict in 1990's in balkan mostly on teritory of bosnia there is a lot of custom vehicles , weapons, air, and static there are 3 factions ARBIH (Army of Republic Bosnia & Herzegovina) VRS (Army of Republic Srpska) HVO (Croation Defense Council)

    • Tank:
        M-84A ,T-72, T-55A, T54, PT76
    • Transpoter:
        M80A, M80-Sava, M-60P, M-60AT, ZPU-57-2, MTLB, SA-6, BOV VEHICLES, BRDM2
    • Static arty:
        D-20NORA, ZIS-3, D30J, SPRUT-2A45M, M101, 2S1-GVOZDINKA, M-46, Mortar120mm 2 vers.
        ,80mm MORT, 60mm MORT,81mm MORT, D44, D30M, MT12, M114A2
    • Static MRLS:
        69 type, OGANJ, RAM-GRAD
    • Static AA:
        ZPU-4, FLAK38, BOFORS-37mm, M55A3, M2, DSHK, M2 and DSHK nests
    • Static AT:
    • Air:
        MI8, GAZZELA
    • Trucks:
        Star, FAP
    • Weapon Box:
        Huge ammounts of western and eastern weapons

    • added new vehicles: BRDM2, BOV3, BOV-VP, BOV-POLO
    • new static: MT12, D30M, M114A2, M2, DSHK, M2 AND DSHK nests
    • new weapons: M70 family, FNFAL, AMD65, AKS74, ROMUNIAN AK47 version , RPK , SVD , RPG versions , MG42 etc more...
    • fixed : issues related to artillery and issues with replacing gunner in BIS content
    • old models which have been reworked or replaced: M46, D30J, ZIS3, D20NORA, T55, PT76, M55A3, 2S1, OSA, M70 weapons, RPD, M16, AKMS, AKM, AKS, 69MRLS, M60, MTLB and more...

Written on 2013-03-04 07:52 by SuperRat  

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