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Requirements: Sakakah Al Jawf, LowFly EditorUpdate

Version: 04-03-2012

Short description: I've come across so many people having trouble with helicopters, I thought if I could be of some help.

Date: 2012-03-04 16:24

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Heli Insertion And Extraction Plus

Matthew Sibbley & FullMetal

I've come across so many people having trouble with helicopters, I thought if I could be of some help.

- Heli Insertion And Extraction of player and AI's.
- Ability to control flyinheight allowing hotel rooftop dropoff's and pickup's. No waypoints or triggers.
- Advanced addaction Menu System (Radio Alpha) for west, and (Radio Echo) for east.
- Addaction control of X+/X-, Z+/Z- axis for arty being used by AI.
- Bullet Cam feature for all artillery units created in game, with on/off toggle.

Installation / Usage:
The inner circle represents our base where the artillery peice is located. The outter circle is where I will setpos a BOTTLE 1 object, and control its height through the artillery's addaction options. I suspect that if I place that object on the line extending out to the target, that the turret will be faced in that direction, and I can hit the X by adjusting the elevation of the turrent via the addaction options. The artillery is not shooting at anything specific, which is what we want, I'm just using the _HVEH FIRE "D30", statement to get him to fire. As long as the altitude is correct, I should be able to hit the X, once I've homed in on the correct elevation. This will also save me from having to write the code for the x,y axis, which I would be willing to do, but would rather not.

Known issues:
See the included readme for extensive info about this!

Future plans:
Get married... Kidding! I am planning to exend Bullet Cam to the Human Player's as well.
I am planning to add/update firing option for artillery to allow for Single Shot, or Salvo.

I did not create the Bullet Cam script, all I did was to give it on/off functionality, to suite my purposes. But God
bless the person who did, because what's a war game with out bullet cam.

If anyone see's area's for improvements in my scripts feel free to go for it, and let me know
what improvements you've made.

Mar 3, 2012
Released Minimal Addon version.
Added 2 documentation files: For Scripters.rtf, and How Do I.rtf.

Mar 2, 2012
Added WArty and EArty markers. This is to let players know where to create their artillery pieces, until I add a workaround.
Various tweaks made, that are not present in previous releases. Also contains Mar1, 2012 updates.

Mar 1, 2012
Added ability to control x axis in regards to the artillery.

Feb 29, 2012
West Set Charge feature corrected.
Added missing code to correct West infantry teleport feature in WXS02InfXX.sqf.
Added ability to control +/- elevation of artillery. (+/- .2, 5 and 10).
Fixed bug where AI looses interest in a dowatch target if range is too far.
Added Bullet Cam with On/Off feature for player operated artillery.
Possible bug where player dies with bullet cam enabled. A workaround is to spawn another artillery unit, then turn bullet cam on, then back off.
Recall Range To Target only displays range from mapclick to helipad at base (WRTTBase) for the west and (ERTTBase) for the east side.

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- Sakakah Al Jawf
- LowFly EditorUpdate
- Queen's Gambit

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