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Requirements: No addons required

Version: beta 2
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Date: 2008-10-11 21:26

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Chammy's sound mod

This version is more of a real world sound (as what most others state). Other versions of CSM will be of Urban, Rich Echo, and No Echo sure to come out sometime next month or so depending on my time and life. All sounds are replicated to come close to as real as possible with almost a since of being there *ehem*, well virtually, I know this because I used to work on a rifle range and near a proving grounds. I hope this exceeds all of your expectations of the sound and apologize again for such a long delay on releasing.

No additional addons required and I will be updating CSM shortly with added sound files to accompany other weapons and mods made like the m21, FAMAS, Mosin, SKS, etc plus different sound events and enviourmental sounds such as radio traffic to voices and ambience so that way other mods do not mix match the sounds.

The sound beep of the radio was changed but still does not work. I need to research into this more as the game still calls up ArmA's stock radio chirp sound so Bink turned it off in the configuration to eliminate that annoying radio sound.

Most if not all ArmA used weapon sounds, aircraft, vehicle and misc sounds have been changed, as like all the other sound mods out there, of course you know that already.

Unzip or Unrar and place "@CSM" folder into C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA, or to put it simpler: Bohemia Interactive > ArmA
Next copy and place an icon from your original ArmA or Launch ArmA icon and type in the target field
or simply copy and paste this line:
-nosplash -mod=@CSM

For more information about how to properly set up and use modfolders check our FAQ (recommended).

Included files:


Video by M@ster

v2.0 official
- no details available

v2.0 beta
- Character sounds added
- M82 Sounds added
- New explosion sound for LGB
- New explosion sound for 20mm and 25mm
- New explosion sound for mines
- Added more supersonic cracks
- New M203 reload sound

v1 beta
- Initial release

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks goes out to Binkster for helping me along with the config, he has been great help and has stuck it out specially with his own personal life and issues he's had to face. Thanks to Durg for the tips and help on creating CSM v1. Thanks to ArmAVidz for showcasing CSM with his mind blowing videos and Evenlease for the banner and graphics and advertising, though since this is Beta/Complete form the update will have a self installer and banner, Binkster is working on that right now. Thanks Jerry Hopper for that nerve racking interview LOL, but it was alot of fun. Thanks everyone else who has offered to help, apologize for not returning some of your emails, I am a busy man, a Mr. Mom and proud. And most of all thanks for all your patience.

And last but not least.....use at your own risk! CSM is not affiliated with BIS. But please, if you need sound effects , to give me kudos thumb up or down, or tell me to piss off, please contact me.

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