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DnA informed the community on the BI forums Bohemia Interactive are working on a major addition to Take On Helicopters.

    Quote DnA :
    We have something in the pipeline for TKOH, we believe to be a major addition for all fans out there. Though we cannot announce when it will be fully done, we just couldn't wait telling you.

    The next official patch (codename Downtown) will automatically and seamlessly merge TKOH with a lot of our previous releases, should you have legitimate copies installed.

    Some examples of what this means:
    • Flying in different sceneries, such as beautiful Chernarus (with improvements like clouds and lighting)
    • More civilian vehicles, characters and environments to use in scenarios
    • Taking on the massive Arma ORBATs in the newly released Hind
    • No messing around with copying PBOs or other manual merging tasks (install the patch, start TKOH, enjoy the best of both worlds)

    • We cannot make all content compatible, so e.g. missions may not work well when running the data from TKOH (simply run OA or CO itself).
    • We are not upgrading old content to include TKOH features, such as the new getting animations, interactive cockpits, Picture-in-Picture, etc.
    • Old helicopters do not magically get a TKOH-spec flight model, so they will fly as in A2.

    Stay tuned for more on this obviously free patch. We are really excited about the possibilities!

Discussion about this announcement already started here.

Written on 2012-03-20 15:17 by Foxhound  

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