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Date: 2007-07-15 19:28

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Shark-attack Mission Pack

This pack contains various MP mission from Shark-attack.

    - Especas Commando Co-12
    - Spec-ops part-1 Co-12
    - Spec-ops part-2 Co-12
    - Spec-ops part-3 Co-12
Mission details:
    - Especas Commando - rebel takedown Co-12
      situation report:
      Over the last months attacks against our forces have reached a new level.
      New tactics and weaponry deployed by the rebels are having a devastating effect on the morale of our forces.
      In an effort to cause an uprising against our government It is suspected that U.S special forces are providing training and weaponry to rebel forces.
      We have intel that a training camp is being established in the remote jungles to the north

      An operation to destroy the camp and any of its occupants has been sanctioned

      Primairy objective:
      - Destroy the rebels fuel supply
      - Destroy the rebels communications
      - Find and kill rebel leaders
      - Destroy the american weaponry provided to the rebels

    Spec-ops part-1 Co-12
      situation report :
      Before main task force deployment special ops are to secure several of the enemys assests.
      Namely the oilfield in the south of the island for obvious reasons and the town of arcadia for its suitable beaches and jettys for landing craft..however several of the enemys defences must be destroyed in order to achieve objectives.

      See mission briefing for further details.

    Spec-ops part-2 Co-12
      situation report:
      We have received reliable intel that a top ranking enemy officer
      is on a morale boosting vist to a remote enemy outpost.
      An enemy radar station which is vital to the enemys airforce defences
      is also located at the site.
      Gentlemen we have a unique chance at killing two birds with one stone, let us sieze the initiative.

      Infiltrate onto the island .. take out the enemy officer and destroy the enemy radar ..
      This is a deniable operation we can offer no support.
      The only method of exfil is to capture the enemys gunboat and use it to escape the island.

    Spec-ops part-3 Co-12
      situation report:
      US special forces have succesfully captured the oilfields
      and the town of Arcadia however they are under threat from enemy
      artillery units located in the mountains..
      a joint team of us and uk special forces are to sweep through the area.
      Locate and destroy enemy artillery units

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