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Requirements: Island Lingor, COWarMod
Island(s): Island Lingor
Playable options: Singleplayer compatible

Version: 0.1

Date: 2012-04-11 14:04

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FARC Control


This is my first mission for the Island Lingor!
This great Island is perfect for guerilla type scenario's so my first mission is based upon warfare against the FARC guerilla's and their connection to drugs cartels.
I still need to add some stuff to the mission and there might still be some 'bumps' in the mission, but all in all it should give your coop team a couple of hours of combat fun!
I really suck at writing good dialogs so I kept that as minimal as possible, there are only 2 essential dialogs (besides hint pop-ups), other then that it is pure combat.

Your first objective is to gather intel.
Your team needs to locate a drugs cartel compound and secure a laptop that contains
the locations of several FARC controled druglabs.

After retrieving the laptop the map will be updated with the locations of all druglabs.
Your team needs to destroy the large chemical tanks at all druglabs (with satchels)
and elliminate all FARC soldiers you encounter.

When all the druglabs are destroyed your team will recieve one last objective.
The final objective is to assault the drugs cartel mansion (HQ)
and retrieve a large some of money that will be used as evidence against the cartel.

- Weapon respawn.
Save gear loadout at ammoboxes (drop down menu)
- BAF weapons & US weapons
- Instant respawn (30 secs)
- Rearm points
- Additional decorations and sounds

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPmissions folder.

As this scenario is purely fictional and as there are no south american units in ArmA I used PCM units to represent the members of the drug cartel and Russian Spetsnaz units to represent the FARC units.
Both groups have advanced modern weapons thus making them extra lethal.

With the Warmod active the mission is really hardcore. The amount of opfor AI is not even that many, but they are very lethal and the FARC units have great cammo. So yeah, don't be pissed if you get killed a lot.

Future plans:
With the next version I will give the units custom gear best suited for this mission and maybe add a revive or bandage system. I also might change the locations of the druglabs.
The hills in Lingor can be hard to climb (is being fixed I heard) so I might choose more smooth terrain locations with the next version.

If you encounter any issues or have other feedback then pls let me know..

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