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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: These scripts will set up a simulated call for fire (requiring adjustments) and is fully functional in SP.

Date: 2012-05-02 20:19

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These scripts will set up a simulated call for fire (requiring adjustments) and is fully functional in SP and MP (thus far!)
Any feedback is appreciated - best feedback is through PM to "Zodd" at

These scripts are setup so you only have to call one to set up the whole call for fire.
A second script will open the call for fire proforma; this can be via radio trigger, addaction or any other cunning way you choose!

Feel free to use these scripts however you want, including the minor subscripts.

How to adjust fire:
Initially, identify your target on the ground, locate its position on the map and shoot a bearing from the observer to the target
Open the call for fire proforma
This will open your map - click on the enemy location on the map
The map will close and you will be prompted to enter the bearing. You can amend this later (if you put the wrong one in or the observer changes position)
Confirm there are no friendly troops in the area
If you need to amend the bearing, click the UPDATE OBSERVER BEARING button.
This will fire a single adjustment round - observe where it strikes
Be aware that the inital round will normally have a wide splash area so you may have to use sound/smoke to ID the splash
Either plot the strike on your map or use your gut to guess its location relative to yours and the target
Work out the distance left/right the round needs to come to be in line with you and the target
Make the adjustments required using the ADD/DROP/LEFT/RIGHT buttons as required
The hint on the top left of the screen will show you your current adjustment
Adjustments are in lots 50m, these are cumulative (eg. to go left 150, up 100, do the left 50 adjustment 3 times and up 50 twice)
When you are happy you have an adjustment that will bring the round in line with you and the target...
Call for adjust fire again using the ADJUST FIRE button
Follow the same process as above until it falls in line
When the round is in line with you and the target, do the same process using add/drop to move the fall of shot onto the target
When the round falls within 50m of the target
Fire for effect will have each gun rapidly fire the number of rounds you specify
Watch the (hopeful) destruction
Note - If you are confident, you can make your adjustment then call fire for effect rather than wait for an adjusted round to fall on target; eg. Drop 50, Fire for effect
If your fire for effect is off target, follow the process outlined above until you destroy the target (or run out of ammo!)

While there is a mission being fired, you cannot assign a new one (or fire another round) however you can prepare adjustments

Installation / Usage:
To show the call for fire screen, run the following script:
The best way to use this is as an addaction to your observer eg:
p1 addAction ["Call for fire proforma", "zsuArty\cffprof.sqf"];
It can be set up as a radio trigger or any other way you run a script though, so feel free to use your imagination

As is there are two ways to call set up a player as a Forward Observer (aka can call in fire)
Place one of the below script calls into either player init (to start with the ability to call) or in a trigger's on act field.

1. Easy
bty1 = [true/false, int (1 to 8)] execVM "zsuArty\simartytemplate.sqf";
First value - true or false for unlimited ammo (true is unlimited, false uses the template)
Second value - The template gun setup:
1- Mortar section
2- Mortar Platoon
3- Light gun section
4- Light gun battery
5- Med gun section
6- Med gun battery
7- 1x Navy Frigate (with dual 5inch guns)
8- 3x Navy Frigates

In addition you can open the template file and edit the templates if you so wish (or add new ones)

2. (Slightly) harder - If you want to fully customise:
bty1 =[guns in battery, rounds per FFE, first round accuracy, adjust dispersion area, FFE dispersion area, ordinance (1-light, 2-med, 3-hvy), number of rounds (-1 for unlimited)] execVM "zsuArty\simartyinit.sqf";

Guns in battery - How many seperate fire units there are
Rounds per FFE - How many rounds each INDIVIDUAL fire unit will fire when 'FIRE FOR EFFECT' is called
First round accuracy - The accuracy of the FIRST round called onto a target (Several 100m standard)
Adjust dispersion area - Radius around the exact grid that the single adjust round will fall - splash radius (20-60m normally)
FFE dispersion area - Radius around target grid that the fire for effect rounds will fall - larger due to faster firing and more guns (20-80m standard)
Ordinance - 1 - Mortar, 2 - Light gun, 3 - Med gun, 4 - Bomb (Naval gun)
Number of rounds - TOTAL number of rounds available (NOT per fire unit) If you put -1 it will be unlimted.

Examplemission can be downloaded from here:

I am still very novice with scripting, especially in MP so feedback is very much appreciated! (Both positive and negative, ESPECIALLY with regard to MP use)
This has taken a while so I would appreciate it not being blatently ripped off and shown as your own... but hey - if you really want to, then go for it eh!
As stated - I am a novice so if there is some remote possibility that this script could be harmful - use at your own risk!

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