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Requirements: Arma 2, Isla Duala, TF86 Navy Seals Pack
Island(s): Isla Duala
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.90 beta

Date: 2012-05-17 20:16

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Operation Croc Hunt 1-2: Insertion

Alex / HeadUp

This is my first actual submission, been editing and learning for months, excited to finally release one of my many ideas!

Inspired **VERY LOOSELY** by the recent operations authorized by the US President to send SF elements to Africa to hunt down notorious war criminal Joseph Kony

The campaign revolves around your insertion as part of Task Force Fang, a Tier One contingent operating in the Horn of Africa. These guys have spent most of their time on carriers chasing pirates around, and find themselves in an entirely different sort of war. You are flown into the southern democracy of Afrene, which is nearing a full-scale armed conflict with their neighbor Molatia to the north. The notorious war criminal Arthur Bombaade has been operating freely in Molatia for some time, but it wasn't until the release of a western-made documentary detailing the horrifying activities of Bombaade (nickname: the Crocodile) and his death squad that the United States took closer interest. Amid the public uproar in America and Europe, the US President authorizes a seek and terminate order on Bombaade and his inner circle.

Task Force Fang is to insert into Molatian territory via Nambe island, which is at the center of a decades-old territorial dispute btwn Afrenian and Molatian forces. Inserting at the Afrenian 3rd Battalion's (A3B) Outpost on the former site of a resort, Fang 1 (your team) must get across the volatile island which is crawling with Molatian patrols, and cross the heavily guarded border into Molatia.

*New mission for the amazing, massive Isla Duala add-on
*Insanely detailed briefing with lots of background
*complete the optional objectives for an extra challenge
*Immersive, well-written storyline
*Choose your loadout at the A3B Outpost
*The island is crawling with Molatian forces of all kinds
*Multiple approaches to completing the tasks and entering Molatia - unleash your small-arms firepower and leave no survivors, or engage in a tense sneak past enemy patrols in the jungle.
*Lead a 4-man fireteam deep into enemy territory, play as either team leader of Fang 1 and Fang 2

Simply unpack the archive in your ..\<ArmA2 installation>\Missions folder.

Author note:
I am in no way trying to offend anyone out there who might consider Kony's atrocities with the LRA to be a sensitive subject. This is a work of fiction...more than anything, a response to the western media sensationalizing the story and the resulting uproar in public.

As this is a beta, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated (solutions and suggestions as well!) Please direct feedback to the following thread on Armaholic: WIP Op. Croc Hunt (Duala)

Credits & Thanks:
- The Arma2 editor community for providing so much documentation
- Icebreakr and co. for turning Arma2 into a build-your-own-FPS with his amazing islands
- ardvarkdb for his excellent TF86 SEALs pack
- Tour of Teamrespawn crew
- My GF for putting up with my editing obsession
- Armaholic for file hosting and being the portal to the wide world of Arma modding
- Bohemia Interactive for giving the hardcore mil shooter fanatics the game of their dreams

- Changes will be tracked in here future releases

a) This campaign is distributed without any warranty, it may work or even not.
b) This is NOT an official release supported by BIS. The use of this scenario is entirely at your own risk.

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- Armaholic forums

- Isla Duala
- TF86 Navy Seals Pack

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