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Requirements: Sandbagfix1.1 addon by Raedor (included in this file)

Version: 1.1

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Date: 2007-07-19 22:08

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Create defensive positions, put your men behind sandbags and make them popup once a while. (or not) Support static weapons. (or not)

- A new demomision
- Sandbagfix1.1 addon by Raedor
- Readme in txt and pdf format

Tips and tricks:
- Never place units too close to eachother. When they got flanked, units refuse to fire (friendly fire avoidance)
- It always a good idea to place some non-static troops around the trenches. For backup, counter attacks, immersion...
- Put some medics with support waypoints behind the trenches and they will automatically heal the wounded in the trenches
- Fire accuracy of a machinegunner in a kneeled position isn’t good. Good for immersion but they won’t hit that much.
- Protect your M2 machineguns in bunkers or they won’t live long
- You can play as commander/spotter and give fire orders to men. You can’t give them move orders, beause all units are fixed.
- Snipers on higher ground are very effective to report enemy postitions with the rest of the group. Don’t let them support static weapons.

New in this version:
AI groups support static weapons (optional parameter) When a gunner got killed, other units from the group will take his place.

Known bugs:
- The script failes when you save the game. The script has disableAI “move” commands and these are resetted when you save or load a saved game.
- Sometimes units don’t want to board the static weapon. I don’t know why this happens because it all works fine when there are no enemies around. I blame lousy AI pathfinding.

Improvements that can be made:
- Make them rearm automatically at nearby ammoboxes.
- Make them retreat when pinned.
- Fix that damn savebug

Raedor for the sandbagfix addon
General Baron for the manMG script.

- Use it on your own risk.
- You may modify & improve this script, I don't need credits, but it would be polite if you do.
- Not tested in multiplayer.

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