Support Call - "Cheat" module by Kronzky updated
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Kronzky released an updated version of his Support Call - "Cheat" module on the BI forums.
The Support Call module is a "cheat" addon, that allows you to modify the way any mission (or campaign) is played.

  • Added: ULBs can be re-launched at player location
  • Added: All vehicles in player group can be locked/unlocked
  • Added: Destroyed vehicles can be recovered
  • Added: Flipped over vehicles can be uprighted
  • Added: Option to end mission (registered as success)
  • Added: Option to disable post-processing effects
  • Added: Option to heal player, if medic is unresponsive
  • Changed: Improved ULB flight behavior
  • Changed: Improved speed of initial list population
  • Changed: Vehicles and weapons can only be dropped once per type
  • Fixed: Player can use dropped vehicles, even if not group leader

Written on 2012-07-04 10:52 by Foxhound  

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