Author: Foxhound
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Requirements: DayZ
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.0

Date: 2012-06-14 16:09

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DayZ Loot Finder


Do not install this if you want to search all locations for yourself to experience DayZ to the fullest!

A helper mission for the DayZ mod to visualize loot locations.
This mission will indicate loot locations on the map and in buildings where zombies and loot can be possibly found as well as show their probabilities.

  • Indicators on map, without probability info
  • Indicators on map, with probability info
  • Indicator in-game, showing lootable buildings and wells
  • Indicators in-game, showing loot locations in buildings
  • Lakes can be searched for
  • Specific items can be searched for

Do not download this if you want to search all locations for yourself to experience DayZ to the fullest!

Locate your mission folder, and place the included PBO file into it.

After installing the file, the mission will be available in your normal "Play / Mission" screen.
The mission requires that the DayZ mod is installed, as all the configuration values are read directly from those mod files.

Buildings with lootable positions are indicated by a colored beam, pointing down at it. The color of the beam will depend on the number of loot locations:
    - 10 or less: green
    - 20 or less: yellow
    - more than 20: red
Water pumps or wells are indicated by blue beams.
Inside the buildings there are cubes, indicating the possible loot positions.
Opening the map will show markers at all the lootable buildings (the coloring, representing the number of loot positions, is the same as for the in-game beams).
To analyze a different area (the scanning radius is 1km), click on the map and new markers will appear. (The player will also be moved to the clicked position.)
By default, the buildings are only indicated with a marker dot.
To also show the probabilities of zombies and loot positions, hold the <Shift> key when clicking on a location.
Each marker will then show the following information: Chance of zombies / maximum number of zombies - chance of loot / maximum loot positions

By pressing <Alt> when clicking on the map, you can search for lakes.
Be aware though, that this function is very slow, and will take several minutes, even on high-powered PCs.
Lakes are indicated by a blue "Start" icon (circle with arrow up).

To search for specific item locations activate the respective user action, and select an object in the dialog. If matching building types are found, these will be indicated on the map with a black marker. The chance of one of the indicated buildings actually containing the searched object depends on general probablity settings, as well as the number of players in the game, but will nevertheless tell you where it makes sense looking for the items, and where it doesn't.
There are also cases where objects will only appear in dynamically created structures (e.g. tents). Since those locations are random, they cannot be indicated on the static SP map.

Known issues:
The messages at the start of the mission about "Requesting Character data from server" and the Debug Monitor's "saved time" are message "remnants" that couldn't be disabled.
All communication with the central server has been disabled, and playing this mission offline does in no way affect your DayZ online profile.

- Added ability to search for specific items
- Added markers for lakes

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DayZ Loot Finder

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