Author: chrys45
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Requirements: Arma 2, Jade Groove, MBG Creationism

Version: 1.2

Short description: This contains 3 different bunker templates.

Date: 2012-06-24 17:52

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Bunker template pack 2


I want to release my "Bunker Template Pack". That is one of my ambitious projects.
Piece of advice: if you want to use the elevator or the cement gates you have to use the generators with the action menu.

This contains 3 different bunker templates:
    - LB-A-1 (Status: 100%)
    - LB-A-2 (Status: 100%)
    - LB-G-1 (Status: 65%)

- 2x outposts
- 1x big base
- scripted/animated elevator and cement gates. (own scripts)
- alarm systems
- a lot of animations
- Weapon Rooms
- Night activity
- exploding barrels/tanks
- and some more

Sorry, the language for the bases are only german, but I want to update that in the next time.

Future plans:
In the next version I will insert a Prison Template.

Credits & Thanks:
-Mondkalb for the great "MBG Creationism"
-IceBreakr for his great island "Jade Groove"

- The new version contains a new Template, the LB-B-1.

Forum topic:
-BI forums

- Jade Groove
- MBG Creationism

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