TPWC AI Suppression System (TPWCAS) version 5.5 released
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Ollem released an updated version of the TPWCAS - TPWC AI Suppression System made by TPW, -Coulum-, fabrizio_T and Ollem on the BI forums.
Ollem took over development from TPW as he unfortunately can no longer allocate time for Arma development work.

    Quote Ollem :
    One of the things sorely missing from Arma2 is reaction to passing bullets. An AI unit will often stand quite happily whilst bullets whiz by. This makes effective suppression of AI enemies difficult - you basically always have to aim to kill them since you can't make them keep their heads down by shooting nearby.

    This addon aims to address this problem by making AI units react to passing projectiles. If a bullet snaps by within around 10m of an AI unit, it will crouch/kneel (depending on movement), and if more than around 10 bullets pass by a unit in 5 seconds, the unit will drop/crawl. After 10 seconds without bullets, the unit will return to its previous stance.

    Additionally, suppressive fire can alter the aiming shake, accuracy and courage of the suppressed unit. The more fire directed near a unit, the lower its skills will become. Nearby casualties will further decrease a unit's courage. After 5 or so seconds without bullets, the skills will gradually return to normal. Player units will optionally experience some visual effects if suppressed (camera shake, vision blur and darkening).

    • should work with latest A2 patch

Written on 2013-12-05 21:16 by ollem  

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