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Version: 2

Date: 2007-07-28 11:04

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Buds missions-pack
shark attack

3 missions pack where each man leads a 4 man team of elite spec ops.

An operation to seize the enemies oil assets has been sanctioned.
Airborne Rangers are to paradrop into the oilfield and hold the area until armored units from 8th armor brigade arrive from their base in the north .
However before any airborne operations can proceed US Navy Seals are to destroy the armored AA units guarding the area.

US Navy Seals have successfully captured the oilfields and the town of Arcadia. However they remain under threat from enemy artillery units located in the mountains.
A team of US special forces are tasked to sweep through the area.
Locate and destroy the enemy arty positions.

Over the last months attacks against our forces have reached a new level.
New tactics and weaponry deployed by the rebels are having a devastating effect on the morale of our forces.
In an effort to cause an uprising against our government it is suspected that U.S special forces are providing training and weaponry to rebel forces.
We have intel that a training camp is being established in the remote jungles to the north.
An operation to destroy the camp and any of its occupants has been sanctioned.

Extract to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
- fixed bug if player not selected his team wont show

- Fixed error with AI teammates

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