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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-07-23 09:28

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Camel Style

This is a CTF where your only means of fighting is the Sopwith Camel, you even take flags while in the air. The map is situated in the southern part of the island between two coastal towns with bridges. Capturing a flag isn't very conventional: you take one by passing under each of the enemy's bridges in order and then rocket to your "scoring flag" to score a point. The flag itself is a glowing ball of light to make it stand out in a map like this.

The basic scripts and options are taken from Camel Rage so adapting to Camel Style shouldn't be too hard. Your wingtips have colored blinky lights and you carry your own team's flag on your wing for easy distinction between friend and foe. Forgive me for not having a screenshot of the action, but it's all clear when you're in an epic air battle with up to 20 Camels a side gliding to glory guns blazing and tails smoking and some planes diving under the bridges trying to shake enemy interceptors.

A minimum of 8 players is recommended. The default weapon, "Light Vickers" has a script that lowers the weapon's massive damage to a more tactical level. An enemy will be destroyed with 30 rounds instead of 10. The weakest weapon option, SAW is tuned up to deal 2x damage from normal, which should resemble the original Vickers from the earlier patches.

Extract to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

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