Play withSIX update v1.51 beta released

Sickboy submitted the newest version of Play withSIX.

    Quote Sickboy :
    Ever since the SIX updater users have been able to create and manage collections of modifications of our increasing network that now hosts nearly 2000 mods for the ArmA series. Now it’s time to share this experience with your friends, communities and the whole world.

    On behalf of the entire withSIX team I am very happy to introduce to you the beta version of the all new collection sharing.

    If you have subscribed to beta updates, you can try the preview version of this feature along with several other updates and improvements that we are working on for the next release.

    The highlights
    • Upload a private collection
    • Upload and share the collections unlisted
    • Public Collections
    • Collection pages
    • Other improvements
        - Improved rendering performance and compatibility of the integrated browser
        - Improved client stability and reliability
        - Improved startup speed
        - Improved UI responsiveness

Written on 2014-07-18 12:59 by Sickboy  

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