DayZ Standalone: No Mod support?, Chernarus rebuild, console version possible
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Dean "Rocket" Hall, DayZ lead developer has released some more info about the DayZ standalone game he is working on for Bohemia Interactive during the 2012 Gamescom:
  • Dayz will not have mod support!
  • Dayz will feature a rebuild Chernarus map plus new maps and possibly "Instanced” building.
  • DayZ lead wants game on consoles

No Mod support:
Dean Hall, creator of the wildly acclaimed Arma II mod DayZ, announced that the open-world zombie survival game will not feature mod support at the time of its standalone launch.

    Quote :
    Posting under the handle “rocket2guns,” Hall addressed members of the Reddit community on Tuesday in a Q&A session regarding his upcoming plans for DayZ. When asked about the standalone support – which would allow players to openly contribute new enhancements and creations to the game’s world – Hall succinctly ruled out Day 1 DayZ modding: “Not initially,” he stated.

    Hall didn’t elaborate on why the decision was made – if DayZ simply has too much on its plate before its late-2012 release, if Hall and Bohemia Interactive wish the game to succeed on its own merits for a while, or if the team has fostered a sudden unwillingness for public participation. That said, there’s a decent chance modding in Hall’s undead world will eventually stagger into fruition.

Chernarus plus and Instanced” Building
Jim Rossignol from had a chat with Dean Hall and Marek Spanel over at the BIS stand at GamesCom.

    Quote :
    Firstly, the Day Z standalone, which Hall anticipates arriving before the end of the year, could eventually have “instanced” building. Hall described how he saw the future of player-driven construction in the game consisting in underground bases that would be instanced from portals (“a grate in the ground”) across Chernarus. He described how players could dig it out, concrete it, building hydroponics, or even see it collapse on them. The second thing that was interesting is that Chernarus is being redone (“Chernarus Plus”) for the release with more enterable buildings, more detail, and even entirely new areas. New maps for the game will, apparently, be a major part of the plan for the standalone in the future.

DayZ lead wants game on consoles
Alexander Sliwinski from had a chat with Dean Hall about a possible console version of the standalone DayZ game which is being developed.

    Quote :
    DayZ project lead Dean Hall "really hopes" the game is successful enough to justify a console version. Speaking to us today at Gamescom, the developer, who has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the incredibly successful Arma 2 mod, told us the only stumbling block is DayZ needs to be successful enough to justify a console version.

    "You're not going to put it on the consoles if you're only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that," he said. "DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we're at a point, we'll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3."

    Asked if he's met with any of the console developers, he immediately chimed back, "We're meeting with them here."

    DayZ's publisher, Bohemia Interactive, does have a console background, and Hall has been a producer on console games in the past and knows "the pitfalls and horror that's involved with it."

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