Xtrem Arma Mod updated to 1.6b2
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Snake22000 has sent us the 2nd beta version of the XAM mod version 1.6. By releasing a beta version first Snake22000 hopes to iron out most of the bugs so the final 1.6 version of the xam mod will be without bugs.
Also, when the final 1.6 version is released Snake22000 will stop developing his XAM mod any further. Real life has stepped in and he is forced to stop working on it.

Here is a shortened list of changes for this 2nd beta, for a full list check the download page:
    Main new things and adjustments
      - Architecture finished and optimized (50% improvement of the performances)
      - Optics adjusted and realistic for weapons
      - Guns shells visible on the ground during the shootings (more than 5 models of different shell)
      - Gores Effects
      - Crew of the tanks which can die burned in the case of a strong impact
      - Blood on the screen if a soldier died face and near the player.
      - Splash sound when a player plunges to water
      - Radios dialogues diversified (more than 1 hours of dialogues in Russian and English)
      - HeartBeats for the player in the case of a critical danger
      - Improvement of the suppression effect
      - Sound Improvement for the explosions and the touched tanks
      - Improvement of the AI for not more see the player through the bushes
      - New third person view
    Bugs fixed
      - Impossible to run the commanding computer in Abrams
      - M4EOtech does not have any recoil
      - Script "XAM_engine/soldiers/sound_simulation/wizzby.sqs" not found at the time of the shooting for all the air vehicles thus some armoured tanks
      - The music radio does not work any more
      - the player was surrender sometimes
      - The desert eagle does not have any recoil
      - Speed information on HUD partially visible
Snake22000 is asking everybody to submit his bug reports in the Armaholic XAM topic. This way he can read about all the bugs at one place and work on fixing them!
Snake22000 would like to thank all of the community for the popularity of the mod.
The mod will be "binarized" in the final version.
Please make sure to delete the old version before installing this new version!

Written on 2008-11-11 08:02 by snake22000  

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