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Date: 2007-10-16 19:14

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NWD Ballistics

This mod contains four pbos:
      The supposed difference between the ArmA ballistics and the VBS2 ballistics is ArmA's lack of bullet-specific ballistic coefficients. With this mod, that difference is no longer. When poking around the data files, I found that the "airFriction" parameter can be set per bullet type. After a little research, a little ballistics calculator work, and a whole lot of tweaking, I've managed to create proper exterior ballistics for each small-arms bullet.
      Rounds now drop much, much more, particularly 5.56 mm and 5.45 mm rifle bullets. Since damage is dependent on speed in ArmA, that also means that body armor has no problem stopping rounds past 500-600 meters. You'll still take damage, but not much.

      In addition to increasing bullet drop, this mod will re-zero all small arms to fix a small issue in ArmA. The "distanceZoomMin/Max" values seemingly do not take sight height into account, and actually set the distance at which bullets will re-cross the plane of the barrel. This is not the same as zero, which is properly defined as the distance at which the bullets will touch or cross the plane of the sights. This ranged from a 3% error for .50 caliber rifles to a 47% error for M16s and M4s with ACOG scopes. In short, weapons should now be zeroed at the distances they were supposed to be zeroed at.

      Huge thanks to Kronzky and his portable target range. Without the ballistics tracking in that script, none of this would have been possible.
      This pbo includes redone rocket and missile ballistics, including the AT4 and RPG-7.
      The M136 AT4 ballistics should be fairly accurate as long as you fire within +/- 10 degrees of horizontal. The RPG-7 is hopeless, but it at least has a realistic muzzle velocity and flight range. The other rockets and missiles have (mostly) realistic thrust times, impulses, and maneuverability.

      Javelin missiles will fly my best approximation of the direct-attack profile, climbing out to 25 meters before diving down. Without any script to do this, I had to decrease the missile maneuverability. Unfortunately, this means you will not hit any target closer than 350 m away from you. Javelin launchers aren't present by default in ArmA, so this isn't so terrible.

      This mod does not completely fix SACLOS ATGMs. ArmA guides these by placing an invisible target 1500 m in front of your sights and guiding the missile to that. This is a terrible method. You will never hit a moving target at ranges less than 1500 m, and you will never hit any target at ranges greater than 1500 m. At 1500m, the missile just starts to fly in circles around the invisible target.
      This pbo fixes something that annoyed me to no end: in the stock game, the accuracy of single shots depended on your fire mode! With this mod, single shots with your rifle set to automatic fire will be exactly as accurate as single shots with your rifle set to single fire. The AI will ( should! ) still have increased dispersion when laying automatic fire.
      Sniper rifle dispersion is also increased to realistic values, and MP5 and handgun dispersion is reduced to realistic values. Gatling cannon and machine gun dispersions are also reduced to their published values, being 1.5-3 mil for mounted machine guns and 5-8 mil for gatling cannon.

      Small arms dispersions are still set to twice what they should be, but that's the way it was before. I am fairly certain that the player gets a 50% dispersion reduction on small arms while prone, and that these settings are correct.
      This is one of my favorite parts, designed to be used with gmJamez' SightAdjustment mod v0.4beta. It will do nothing if that mod is not installed. This pbo can be used independently of the others, if that's your kind of thing.
      If you do have the SightAdjustment mod installed, this pbo will add accurate adjustment ranges and increments to every stock weapon. You will, for example, be able to set the SVD scope to 1000 m (+12.5 mils elevation in the mod) and use the lower chevrons for ranges of 1100, 1200, and 1300m. Assuming, of course, you are also using Scopefix.
Delete version 1.0 of either mod before installing.

To install, just extract to your ArmA directory and add @NWD_Ballistics to the "-mod=" switch of your ArmA shortcut's "Target" line. If you use multiple mods, the "Target" line should read (for example):
"C:\Your ArmA Path" -mod=@NWD_Ballistics;@GMJ_SightAdjustment
If you use gmJamez' SightAdjustment mod v0.4beta, installing NWD_Ballistics v1.5 will overwrite the in-game range cards provided by that mod. If you do not use the SightAdjustment mod, you will simply have a harmless extra directory in your ArmA folder. (If you install gmJamez' mod after mine, you will want to replace his range cards with the ones included in the NWD_Ballistics mod's @GMJ_SightAdjustment folder. gmJamez' mod must be installed to this folder in order to function properly.)

Known issues:
#Russian weapons are disadvantaged at long range by these ballistics. That's just the way it is. However, US 5.56 mm is simulated as brand new NATO-spec M855 green tip while 5.45 mm ammo is simulated as poorly-performing 1970's style 7N6 because it's the only cartridge I could find definite data on. The Russian ammo included in the mod is very common ammo, especially for non-Russian armies, so this isn't as outrageous as it may seem. The Russian army may be issuing 7N10 enhanced penetration ammo to front-line units nowadays, so I'll try to implement this ammo if I can find enough data--for parity, if nothing else. I plan to make M995 AP for the M249 and 7N22 AP for the spec-ops AKS-74 some time in the future, too.

#Subsonic rounds are not as accurately simulated as the others. Subsonic 5.45 does exist, and is in fact the only type of ammo that can safely be fired through a suppressed AK-74 in real life, but I couldn't find any information about it except its name (7U1) and weight (80 grains). Subsonic 5.56 is not used by any military. Various subsonic handloads exist, and you can buy very heavy subsonic custom ammo, but no military in the world uses subsonic 5.56. Nonetheless, I've filled the 5.56SD magazines with 75 grain subsonic cartidges. This ammunition should not, by rights, cycle the action of an M4. I think I'll switch it to 100 grain Extreme Shock nonsense in the next version because of that. I'll also see if I can restrict availability of 5.56SD magazines, and give special ops guys a majority of Mk. 262 ammunition instead.

#Damage depends on bullet speed in ArmA. I've tweaked the 5.56mm and 5.45mm rounds with this in mind. They should be one-hit kill at ranges below 50m, about the same damage as stock at 200m, and less damage past that. At 800m, it will take about 8 hits to kill someone unless you hit them in the head (you wouldn't be able to penetrate their body armor, anyway). Damage for other bullets may be a bit off. Subsonic rounds in particular might need some work.

#If you use the ExtraBinoculars mod, you will not be able to call up Russian binoculars with the "b" key; you need to use the action menu. This is a limitation of ArmA, in that the binoculars key will only work with the "Binocular" weapon. It will not work with anything else currently occupying your binoculars slot, such as my "EastBinocular" weapon. You can still use the "next weapon" key to put your binoculars away, so this is only a minor inconvenience.

#Mil dots aren't perfectly sized due to resolution issues, but they're close enough as long as you don't try to subdivide them too accurately. I may be able to make it more accurate by using multiple textures, but the difference probably wouldn't be noticeable except at very high resolutions.

#Night vision field of view settings are ignored by the game. As it is, the stock NVG model is probably the best compromise. Two NVG optics models that take up less of the screen are included in the ScopeFix pbo, but the field of view is far too wide if you zoom the view out. Neither of these models is enabled by default.

#The BPOs reticle is probably too thick. It matches illustrations I have, but illustrations are usually wrong. If anyone has a photo of this reticle, I'll change it in an instant.

#Due to a misunderstanding of the proper optics model dimensions, optics created before v2.2 are 2.4% bigger than intended. This doesn't have an effect in the game, since I'd unknowingly corrected for this error when I calibrated the zoom levels. For future reference, the proper reticle model size is 1.00x0.75 units inside of 5.12x3.84 units of black space.

Included files:

- tweaked missile maneuverability
- changed LGB maneuverability back to stock
- decreased HEAT and GBU-12 damage
- increased Kh-29L damage
- improved AI handling of M136 AT4 and RPG-7
- added incendiary flash to appropriate ammo
- re-added extraBallistics.pbo in case anyone wants to use the ammo within for a Vintorez or Val. It does nothing on its own.

- fixed online annoyances with sightAdjustmentPlugin
- removed useless extraBallistics pbo, it will be readded when it contains something useful
- re-added range cards (sorry)
- changed M1A1 loadout to more realistic 27 APFSDS-T, 13 HEAT-T

- various sight adjustment range tweaks
- removed Javelin opticsZoom values (oops)

- tweaked sight adjustment ranges for AK-74, PKM, M240, M16A2, and M24

- New SVD ballistics, fit real reticle out to 1300m
- started on 7.62x54R B-32 API for vehicle machineguns
- various small ballistic tweaks
- removed ACOG reticles

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