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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-08-02 05:27

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Real Dispersion

This fixes something that annoyed me to no end: in the stock game, the accuracy of single shots depended on your fire mode! With this mod, that particular bit of insanity only applies to the AI, and single shots with your rifle set to automatic fire will be exactly as accurate as single shots with your rifle set to single fire. Sniper rifle dispersion is also increased to realistic values, and MP5 and handgun dispersion is reduced to realistic values. (Small arms dispersions might still be twice what they should be, but that's the way it was before. I think the value might be halved for player weapons.) Gatling cannon and machine gun dispersions are also reduced to their published values, being 1.5-3 mil for mounted machine guns and 5-8 mil for gatling cannon.

Using the ballistics and dispersion mods together will certainly not give you any advantage, but using this one alone may. It will yell at you if you try, but I don't think it will stop you.

Install in your arma/addons folder (not recommended).
Install using a mod folder as explained in our FAQ.

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