Coop mission : Operation Rhezny by ][Niipaa

][Niipaa released the first mission made by the DGN Team (Genesis92x and ][Niipaa) in the BI forums.

    Quote ][Niipaa :
    Most of our missions are Cooperative, and are generally done around small teams rather than 32-64 player missions. Most of them are also insanely difficult without an AI Mod, so those may be something you want to look into such as ASR AI. Also, Combined Operations is required, as we utilize content from both games in every mission.

    Each mission will be self-rated on Gameplay, Replayability, and Difficulty. We are very self-critical, but as always, you'll just have to see if they're something you'll like or not. Use our ratings as more of a guideline rather than a surefire answer as whether or not you should download one.

    Genesis92x's missions generally run high on Gameplay, Replayability, and Difficulty. Whilst my style has been creating an exceedingly difficult mission that can create memories from the first playthrough, but should be sent to collect dust afterward. Just pick which you like, or grab 'em all and give us some sweet feedback.

Written on 2012-10-04 07:26 by ][Niipaa  

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