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Requirements: Arma 2, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core & eXtras, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Aliabad-Region, Clafghan, Island Lingor, Takistan
Playable options: Dedicated Server

Version: 2.2

Date: 2013-01-20 10:52

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Incoming Mission


This is the latest in my progression for completely dynamic missions. The objective location, start location and type of objectives are random every time you play. Some of the objectives that might come up are; Rescue, gather intel, or assassination. Enemy locations and patrols are in a random place or pattern. Weapons box at base will have a large selection of weapons to suite any mission or persons needs. If RH weapons are chosen you will need all available packs (HK416,M4/M16,MK18,M14,PDW,Pistol,MGS,SMG,M40) in order to not get any errors. Currently this mission is on 3 different maps; Takistan, ClAfghan and Aliabad.

  • Completely dynamic every time played
  • Great replay
  • R3F Revive
  • RH Weapons (optional)
  • Base respawn (optional)
  • Random Time and Weather
  • Random objective location, spawn point, and objectives.
  • Flip ATV option

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Known issues:
    On very rare occasions the base will be inside the objective zone
    On rare occasions certain objectives do not get placed properly.
    If you cannot find the intel or pow in a building look around the center of the task marker

    Future plans:
    More objectives (currently 7)
    More maps supported
    Less hiccups
    More options

  • Added Crash Objective
  • Improved various scripts - fixed loadout saving/equiping - spawing scripts use a central unit list, ect
  • You can choose to fight Russians, Insurgents or Taliban.
  • Added various ACE modules for more affects (ammo cook-off)
  • Removed medkit module - now only medics and do full medkit heal
  • Changed number of objectives from 2 to 3
  • Removed ACRE dependency
  • Removed "flip atv" action from non-atv vehicles
  • Added option for mission fail when all players are dead (on/off)
  • missions are strictly ACE now - makes my life easier and seems everyone plays only ACE
  • Added mission to Lingor map - now mission is playable on Lingor, Takistan, ClAfghan, Aliabad Region

  • v2.0
  • Fixed Intel Task not completing
  • Improved various scripts
  • Added ACE and Acre missions
  • changed enemy to Russians
  • Tested numerous times with up to 5 people on a dedicated server with little to no issues.

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
    - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
    - Community Base Addons
    - Aliabad-Region (Optional)
    - Clafghan (Optional)
    - Island Lingor (Optional)
    - RH HK416 Pack (Optional)
    - RH M4/M16 Pack Rearmed (Optional)
    - RH Pistol pack Remake (Optional)
    - RH MGS weapon pack (Optional)
    - RH Mk18 Pack (Optional)
    - RH SMG Pack (Optional)
    - RH M40 pack (Optional)
    - RH Ak's Pack (Optional)
    - RH PDW pack (Optional)
    - RH M14 pack (Optional)

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