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Requirements: BW Flecktarn & Tropentarn by Bionic
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Version: 0.8 Beta

Date: 2007-08-02 07:25

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A Russian ex-general called Razuvko settled on the island Rahmadi.
Our reconnaissance already got his position. The russian government denies any involvement regarding the activities on this island. For the American troops are still bound by armed assaults through SLA-forces you were sent to this US-base on Rahmadi with a hunting-command by the DSO (Division for Special Operations) to solve this problem.

We have reports on hand that the Russian general will not shrink away from killing civilians. Also he is responsible for the recent attack on a us supply-ship. We grant you the go-ahead to neutralize this threat!
According to intelligence corps reports the troops of this fanatic ex-general will disband when their leader dies.

In the south of the island the RACS holds an encampment. Probably you can get some support from these guys at achieving your mission-target. The RACS is definitely well disposed against us.
Remember to equip yourself in the armory before beginning this mission!

    PRIMARY TARGET: Neutralize the Russian ex-general Razuvko.
    SECONDARY TARGET: Request some support from the RACS leader.
    SECONDARY TARGET: Rescue the civil hostages and neutralize all hostage-taker.
    PRIMARY TARGET: Return to your boats and head back to the US-base.
    PRIMARY TARGET: Eke out a living to the extraction zone and evacuate your team.
Extract to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

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