WarFX : Blastcore VEP A2 by Opticalsnare released
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Opticalsnare released the Arma 2 version of his Blastcore addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Opticalsnare :
    Welcome to Blastcore VEP A2R1.
    This is a separate addon and should not be used with WarFX : Blastcore R1.2 running at the same time! Nor does this update R1.2, instead use a launcher to select which package you perfer, if your planning on playing on Arma 2 maps then use this. But if your playing on OA maps then continue using version WarFX : Blastcore R1.2.

    This will still work on OA. But I will be updating R1.2 soon.

Written on 2012-10-14 12:22 by OpticalSnare  

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