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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.01

Short description: A simple Ballistic Missile launching script

Date: 2012-10-25 06:18

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Simple Ballistic Missile Launching Script


Several days ago I wrote a simple ballistic missile launching script. This is my first strike on fsm format so maybe it wasn't written wisely so precious suggestions from you are welcomed. Okay joking apart, let's get down to business. This version is a heritage from the previous Tomahawk launching script which you can still find the download in ArmAholic. While unlike the previous one, this time I provided is the enhanced one, removed its "onmapclick" target impact function, better missile tail flame, igniting light and tail smoke were rewritten, from the picture above you can find it was a revamped effect.

Installation / Usage:
If you wanna to use it in your mission personally, please fallow the steps below.
1. Copy folder ffur_Missile into your mission folder
2. Create Description.ext inside your mission folder. (If you have already got a fully defined description.ext, jump to step 4 directly.)
3. copy
class CfgSounds
Into your description.ext
4. Copy #include "ffur_Missile\ffur_Missile.h" under cfgclass sound class.
class cfgsound
#include "ffur_Missile\ffur_Missile.h"
5. Reload your mission and create a logic on you map (The Logic is just the place where you wanna your missile launched from)
6. Enter fsm = [Position this] execfsm "ffur_Missile\ffur_Missile.fsm"; into Logic’s init bar.

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