HOG Mechanic script by hogmason updated
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Hogmason informed us he released an updated version of his HOG Mechanic script on the BI forums.
This script gives the player the ability to repair vehicles if a few requirments are met.

    Quote hogmason :
    How it works:
    Once the engineer grabs a laser designator he can then go to the "mechanic_shed" and select get repair skill option
    he can now repair a damaged vehicle once if he still holds the laser designator.

    After he has used his repair he can return to the "mechanic_shed" at base to get another repai skill
    this can be done as often as he needs.

    • Changed from player needing a laserdesignator to use repair and refuel to player needing a spare tyre to repair and a Fuel can to refuel.
    • Fixed a variable issue
    • Sepperated Repair and Refuel to 2 seperate events.

Written on 2012-11-29 10:03 by =Mason=  

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