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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-08-08 14:55

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Roadhouse Assault

Our war with the Americans is going poorly. While they have far fewer troops than us, their fleet of choppers lets them move around with impunity.

Today we will be performing the first of many missions which will specifically target their air assets.

    - You will be dropped off, by jeep, at your insertion point.
    - Get equipped. Take whatever you need from the jeep before moving on.
    - Some American troops are relaxing at a nearby roadhouse. Assault it.
    - It is important you do not kill everyone at the roadhouse! Allow some enemy troops to flee. Panicked and confused reports of your attack are exactly what we want.
    - The Americans are certain to send reinforcements by air. Lay in wait at the roadhouse. Take down the chopper using whatever means you have. Destroy it utterly, so the Americans can't even use it for spare parts!
    - Once the chopper has been destroyed, leave the mission zone by heading north.
Just extract to your ...ArmA\MPmissions folder.

This mission is designed to be quick, easy and straightforward -- something that can realistically be played in around fifteen minutes with only a handful of players.

I've also tried to engineer a lot of randomness into the mission. This makes things unpredictable. This mission should never play out the same way twice.

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