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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: This suite of scripts uses the tky_ied addon and places hides IEDs under street clutter objects. It also controls the detonation of them as well as the use of the IED disruptor.

Date: 2012-12-10 13:14

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tky IED kit script


This is the accompanying script suite for the tky_ied. Altogether, I call them the tky_ied kit.

This suite of scripts uses the tky_ied addon and places hides IEDs under street clutter objects. It also controls the detonation of them as well as the use of the IED disruptor.

The core script is called t_handleroadsidebomb. This file uses some functions and they are in the tankyiedfunctions file. The init needs to call the functions file first. The BIS functions module needs to be in place too.

The core script is then called using

nul = [_location, _radius, -90, 0,0,8] execVM "t_handleroadsidebomb.sqf";// location, radius, clutter object density, small, medium, large

Location is the centre of the IED field, which is circular. Supply the radius too.

Clutter object density determines how much street clutter there will be within the radius. There can be a maximum of 1 clutter object per road section. For reference, there are 74 road sections in a 300m radius of the middle or Feruz Abad.
If you supply a negative figure, it will use the figure you supply as a percentage, so if you say -50 here, it will put clutter objects on half of the road section. If you supply a positive figure, it will use exactly that figure.

small, medium and large refers to the types of IEDs that will be hidden under these clutter objects. Again, you can supply negative numbers to ask for a proportion of available clutter objects, though you shoudl ensure your total percentages don't add up to more than 100. You can supplu zero here if you want to, or you can supply a positive number for a definite figure.

You can approach an IED from about 10m if you go prone. Then use a disruptor on it, just like a satchel.

You need the tky IED kit addon installed for this test mission, but the scripts can run without it. You just won't get the lovely IED disruptor and thus, no way of making safe the devices.

There are two mission parameters. Debug mode puts big red globes over the IEDs so you can see them. Training mode makes the IED explosions non-lethal. You can combine the two.

From the radio command menu, you can call 1 of 5 IED fields into Rasman town. After you call the one lot, calling the next lot will remove the old ones.

See the picture for more information on what will be spawned. The circle shows where you will find the street clutter objects and under some of them, IEDs.

The first number is the radius of the circle, the second number of the density of clutter objects, in this case, expressed as a percentage. The last three numbers are the numbers of small, medium and large IEDs.

So the airport road has some clutter and small number of IEDs. The northern road is street clutter only. The western road has a lot of clutter but only small, antipersonnel IEDs while the large one in the middle of town is packed with clutter and IEDs. Go carefully.

In the back of the landrover is some IED detectors. Grab one, when you see an IED, crawl up to it, deploy the disruptor - it works just like a satchel and crawl away. Stay prone for around 10 meters. When your a safe distance away, set the disruptor off. Small 'splosion, IED goes away. Job jobbed.

If you get lucky and are sharp-eyed, you might be able to see the IED under or near one of the clutter objects. If not, you won't.

Couple of things to note. AI won't set the IEDs off, though you might be able to command them to use the disruptor.

Credits and thanks:
I'd love to mention everyone who helped but there's dozens of you, perhaps hundreds. This project has been going for many months and lots of people have helped. I'll name a few of you - wld427, sekra, soul_assassin, Rock, ballistic09 eggbeast, bill70, bigpickle (lovely sound effects), sickboy, rarius.. the list is endless. Lack of mention here doesn't mean I'm ungrateful.

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-Armaholic forums
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The tky IED kit addon is not required for this script, but without the addon you can not use the IED disruptor.
- tky IED kit addon

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