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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base Addons, Tier One Operators, Afghan National Army and Police, Reshmaan Province, Operation Northstar (ONS) OA version, Mad Build
Island(s): Reshmaan Province
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.7

Date: 2013-02-06 09:21

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Lions of Kandahar


Lions of Kandahar was written by former Special Forces Captain (now a Major), Rusty Bradley, who survived three brutal US SOF rotations in Afghanistan, the third being the subject of the book - Operation Medusa in 2006. As various members of ODA 331 (part of TF 31), the Afghan National Army's 3rd Kandak, and the Canadian Armed Forces' Charles Company, you will take part in a massive offensive to push the now-brazen Taliban from the Panjwayi Valley south of Kandahar.

  • Based on a true story, an adaptation of the book of the same name - an incredible story of courage and brotherhood!
  • Rich with details, from briefing to the basecamps - explore the world and soak in the set pieces!
  • Wide variety of mission formats - stealth recon, motorized combat patrols, massive assaults and defenses, UAV/AC-130 support, and more!
  • Play as soldiers from both American SOF ODA 331, Afghan (ANA) 3rd Kandak, and Canadian CSOR!
  • Dynamic name tags to help you know which character is which
  • Full voice acting (over 500+ lines) and custom soundtrack, sound fx, full Intro/Outro cinematics
  • Spans massive portions of the excellent Reshmaan Province island

  • Installation:
    Simply unpack the LionsOfKandahar-v0.5.pbo in your ..\<ArmA2OA installation>\Campaigns folder (you may create it first).

    a) This Campaign is distributed without any warranty, it may work or even not. If you encounter any bugs feel free to report them at the linked forum threads (see below).
    b) This is NOT an official release supported by BIS. The use of this scenario is entirely at your own risk.

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    Note on Addons:
    Make sure you only run this Campaign with the required addons listed below (make sure the version of Operation Northstar and CBA are the correct versions as well!). WARNING: This Campaign has not been designed for, nor tested with, any addons aside from those listed as requirements. Using mods even as small as AI tweaks can have unintended effects, so if you experience an AI-related difficulty, it is 99% likely to be the cause. Simply restart the mission or cut scene if things break, if this does not solve the issue, please report a bug in the BI forum thread (see below for link).

    Known Issues:
    ~ With the proper addons activated, you may get an error message upon starting Arma 2 that says, "cannot load texture ons_core/inv/cc_130h.paa." This can be disregarded, as it is related to the ONS mod and not the Campaign, and will have no impact on the Campaign itself.
    ~ You may get an error message upon exiting some Campaigns and returning to the main menu about a script not being found-- this is due to the island, Reshmaan Province (and other custom addon islands) trying to load assets from the Campaign which are not meant for the main menu screen. This error message can be disregarded.

    Credits & Thanks:
    AZCoder, Domokun, HeadUp, Kommiekat, Krytosss, Laqueesha, SavageCDN, Wiki, MAD Team VesMen & Fogu, McNools, Someguywho, the ONS Dev Team, Bohemia Interactive Studios, and of course, players like you! It goes without saying, thanks to the brave men and women of our armed forces, both US and NATO. This Campaign is dedicated to the memory of Sgt. 1st Class William R. Brown and Sgt. 1st Class Riley G. Stephens.

    v0.7 beta
    * Numerous fixes to dialog, including the Canadian dialog in Mission 6 (for real this time!)
    * Tweaks to Mission 11 to make things more manageable, including more active hill defenders, and the option to deactivate the defensive objective entirely (see Readme or Editor's Note in the mission briefing for more details)
    * Improved performance for Mission 13 after removing a bunch of non-essential units and details
    * Tons of other minor tweaks to things like typos, briefings, debriefs, group names, hints, and much more!
    * See Readme or BI Forum thread for detailed Changelog

    v0.6 (see BI forum thread for full changelog)
    * Numerous fixes to missing dialogue
    * Numerous fixes to missing variables
    * Randomized enemy troop levels in larger engagements
    * Fixed triggers that fired prematurely
    * Added hints in places where players reported confusion
    * See changelog on BI forums for detailed list

    * Initial Campaign Released

    This project is in no way officially associated with the book Lions of Kandahar, nor the authors Major Rusty Bradley or Kevin Maurer. This adaptation does not represent the actual views of the characters depicted. It is a 100% non-commercial work of fan fiction inspired by a work of non-fiction, creating for learning purposes, and if anything else, to direct more people to the official book and the actual account.

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