Campaign : Lions of Kandahar by ALEX / HEADUP updated

ALEX / HEADUP has submitted, using our Public FTP, a public beta of this awaited mission.

    Quote ALEX / HEADUP :
    Lions of Kandahar has been updated to v0.7 (stable alpha), featuring a number of improvements and fixes!
    Be advised: Campaign progress from previous versions will not be reflected in this newer version, but this should not be an issue in future updates, as the version number has been removed from the .pbo file name.

    • Numerous fixes to dialog, including the Canadian dialog in Mission 6
    • Tweaks to Mission 11 to make things more manageable, including more active hill defenders, and the option to deactivate the defensive objective entirely
    • Improved performance for Mission 13 after removing a bunch of non-essential units and details
    • Tons of other minor tweaks to things like typos, briefings, debriefs, group names, hints, and much more!
    • See Readme or BI Forum thread for detailed Changelog

Written on 2013-02-06 09:23 by headup  

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