This guide shows how to fill in a submissions page and how to preserve the Armaholic's pages layout.

We created this guide hoping it can help people to submit pages to our download sections and for trying to reduce the waiting time till they are available to the public.

Submitting a page:

To submit a page you have to use the link available in the Home Page as shown in this picture:

Filling the Page submission form:

First you have to do is select the correct category for the submission. You have to click in the menu and scroll till you find your selection.

Once you have selected the category you can continue to fill the submission page info:
    Title --> Title of the file/article/item:
      - Addons/Mods/Scripts/Article: Significant name of the submission.
      - Missions: Name followed by gametype, number of players and if it uses addons a (@) symbol to show it.
        - Black Sword Co-08
        - A Little More Action CTF-30
        - ParaDrop MissionPack C&H-64
        - Antigua clean sweep Co-12 (@)
        - Operation: New Horizons (@)

    Short description --> Short description of the file.

    Version --> Current version of the development status.

    Author --> Author's name or nick.

    Author's website --> Author's website if available (note it needs "http://" ).

    Required Addons --> List of the addons needed to use the mission, addon mod...

    Signed --> For addons indicate if the file it's signed ( Yes | No | Yes, server key included )

    Island --> For missions please introduce the name of the island. If possible the name of that island on armaholic download section (Ex. Lingor --> Lingor Island).

    Playable options: --> N/A (for a coop or SP only mission), Multiplayer Compatible (a SP mission which can also be played in coop), Singleplayer Compatible (a coop mission which can also be played in SP), or Multiplayer Compatible / Singleplayer compatible (for missions pack featuring both versions, ...)

    Preview picture --> Picture you want to be shown in the page listing all the downloads.

    Tags --> 2 or 3 words, separated by commas, defining the submission. For example: coop, duala | weapons, usa | opfor, chopper, hind.
After filling all these fields you can proceed to fill the body of the page. The "Body of the page" is the info showed normally in the readme that most of the files use to have. But here we will also show any other info we consider important as pictures, videos, links to forums, ... which can give to the user all the info about what he is downloading and how to make it work.

If you have downloaded pages from Armaholic

.com maybe you have noticed that all pages have the same layout. Now we will try to submit our weapons pack keeping this layout as much as we can.

As you can see in the picture it has different sections. First one shows pictures (if available) and the title of the submissions and author's name.

Then we have some typical parts of a readme like description, installation, change log, Forums topics, ...
Always make sure to include the pbo names of the files inside a page cause thats important for our search engine!!

Here you can find a clean code with some of the sections. Remember you don't need to fill all of them and you can create your own ones, but try to keep the same layout.

AUTHOR'S NAME[/center]

Text goes here

[b][size=11]Features:[/size] [/b] 
Text goes here

Text goes here

[b][size=11]Included files:[/size][/b]
Text goes here

Text goes here

Text goes here

Text goes here

[b][size=11]Credits & Thanks:[/b][/size]
Text goes here

Text goes here

[b][size=11]Forums Topic:[/b][/size]
- []Website Forums Name[/url]

(here go the links to required addons)

After we complete this part we fill in the link and file size to finish with the submission.

    File download? --> If we submit a mission, script, addon, ... which requires a download link we select YES otherwise we leave it as NO.
    Server 1 url --> Here we add a link so the Armaholic administrators can get the file. You can check our FAQ about how to get a file hosted in Armaholic with info about our public FTP.

    Server 2 url --> Here we add a second link in case it exists.

    Filesize (MB) --> Here we add the file size always in MB and with natural numbers. For a file <1MB we add 1MB, 2.3 MB we add 2MB, for 97.7 MB we add 98MB, ...

    Before submitting copy the above! This should be done cause sometimes the session is expired and you will loose all info.

    Submit --> Once we finish filling in this info we just have to click on this button, so the page will go to the validation queue till an Armaholic administrator checks it.