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Requirements: Arma 2, Cold War RearmedĀ² : Demo 4, Little Birds, ADuke's Helo pack - ArmA2, Boeing/SOAR MH-47E
Island(s): Abel
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.01

Date: 2013-01-27 16:43

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Spec Ops: Russian Occupation


Spec Ops: Russian Occupation was intended to be a sort-of preview mission of a campaign using CWR2. Sadly, I do not have time to make a full campaign and have other priorities, thus SO: RO is a simple stand-alone mission.
It has a story, although it is pretty generic as I am not very good at story-writing and dialogue-writing (as you'll probably be able to tell). I've tried my best, and future missions will certainly include better dialogue and story. Due to changed plans some things may not be correct anymore, but these should be minor.
The story is about the Russian Force occupying a small island off the shore of Malden. You are tasked with eliminating any resistance and finding out what's going on. This isn't a generic Spec Ops mission though, you are deployed at 2 PM with long-range and un-silenced weapons and are forced to fight Close Quarters. (I haven't actually come up with a story explanation for this, and I probably never will)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

What can you expect from SO: RO?:
Decent story and dialogue (although "decent dialogue" is probably a great exaggeration)
Thrilling combat which requires you to lead your two other men to success. The mission doesn't help you out.
Somewhat of ambient bases (I'm especially proud of making somewhat living LHDs. Unfortunately I had to cut down on ambience in favor of performance and group limitations thus it didn't work out as I hoped)
COOP. I managed to add this, but IT IS UNTESTED, 3-PLAYER COOP. You are all able to play as the 3 characters, and it should work. But it is untested.

Meet the Characters::
Robert Anderson: The leader of the Spec Ops Team. You. He's pretty typical, not too distant from his team, but not too close either. Gives precise orders and John pretty much follows him around.

John Robertson: Has been with the Team Leader for a bit, they're quite a good team. He doesn't get along too well with the new guy, David, since he thinks he's committed to everything wway too much.

David Howard: The New Guy in the team. Doesn't get along too well with John. Is pretty repetitive and likes to say "Yes Sir" and act all appropriate when recieving orders from someone higher up. Has sort of a Russian accent, but it's hardly noticeable.

Editor's Notes:
Navy Support Notes:
"The Navy Bombardment. I loved working on that. It's easy, if you use it on the base, you fail. Unless you do it strategically, because it spawns Artillery shells. 3 times 3. So, 3 shells spawned every 3 seconds, and 3 times. The radius is huge, and I tried to make it as huge as possible. Now a little note. The camo nets have people standing behind them, these are the checks for the bombardment.
If you kill them beforehand and then execute the script, you'll still lose because they're dead. If they die during bombardment, same thing. Sorry to say, it's pretty worthless to snipe them."

Chinook Support Notes:
"The Chinook Support, called by Radio Alpha 0-0-1 (called 'Call in Army'), basically requires you to throw a smoke at an LZ. Thrown smoke gets checked on the whole objective-island, and it is not possible to throw it on the main island. As soon as you throw smoke the script does the work for you. No fancy GUI or so, didn't learn that yet. The helo will bring you about 7-9 men, and they will join your group.
Personal suggestion: Use these. The base is heavily defended, I myself never managed to occupy it fully. Also, the Army support actually got killed pretty easily, I had men go down left and right during combat."

Editor's Notes:
"This is sort of the final release of the mission, unless crucial bugs are found which I couldn't find (I hope this won't be the case).
Some stuff did not make it into the version, some stuff is still there from the beginning of the game. I decided to stop developing this mission and only focus on important parts mid- to late-development
since this mission requires a heavy load of addons and it was, at the end, not going as I planned. Originally this was supposed to be a campaign, but I cut it short. I hope nobody gets upset when they see the missing dialogue at the end.
I decided to just make a simple fade-out-sort-of style ending. Dialogue is completely screwed in this mission, and you will probably see that I suck at writing. David and John were both cut short.
David originally was just saying 'Yes Sir!' everytime.. and I mean who wants to hear that? So I cut him down to two lines. John also has two lines, and the main character (Robert) has, amazingly, four lines.
Nevertheless I focused on gameplay during late development and tried to add support. A few notes about these are below."

  • FIXED: error where game would say "No sound file found" for conversations (Thanks to Brainbug)
  • CHANGED: JSRS v1.5 is no longer required for this mission to work (although note that you will most likely have to restart the mission for this change to take effect)

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