Author: SaOk
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.89

Date: 2013-02-20 08:08

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Whole Lotta War


Take a part in dynamic war in Takistan, hunting down tasks around the map that is full of life and danger. Choose your role on the fly between basic infantry team-leader, "high-commander", tank team leader, chopper pilot. Visit in many detailed camps on the generating battlefield with much factions taking part of the conflict.

Features (for 1.0-> version):
  • Dynamic mission using whole Takistan map
  • Different ways to play (as basic infantry group, tank squad, mechanized group, transport choppers...)
  • Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast-reinforcements, support vehicles)
  • Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
  • Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
  • Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
  • All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
  • Optional HighCommanding (AI groups can handle by themselves too)
  • Difficulty level goes slowly higher during progress
  • Random events
  • Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
  • Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements, minefield truck, medic packs...)
  • Cutscenes
  • Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
  • Many factions involved
  • Made with Performance Friendly Methods

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

    Mission doesn't have yet cutscenes/proper story. When reaching 1.0 version, all the key features will be there.
    Else very awesome Blastcore may cause heavy suddent FPS loss after 1-1,5h playing. Avoid playing the mission with the current version of the mod.


  • New enemy supply line task
  • Near 10 new hidden capture-able zones (camps, roadblocks, hidden mg´s...)
  • Many small tweaks and fixes
  • Important fixes in chopper transport script for player's team
  • As new gameplay tweak, player cant get reinforcements while in vehicle

  • v0.87
  • Added random positioned invisible capture-able tank zones
  • New US camp with fighter choppers for optional use
  • Other small tweaks, fixes and additions

  • v0.85
  • Each around 500 custom voices have now two new copies with different amount of Echo
  • Played amount of Echo depends of speaker´s surrounding
  • 3 new tasks with dialog
  • Fixes in AI chopper pick up system
  • Added "Israeli Air Raid Sirens"-sound by DarkXess (played in Rasman airfield)
  • Added mosque voices for Bastam
  • Much fixes and tweaks

  • v0.83
  • "United States Marines v1.2 by Binkowski"-content added as optional addon
  • Added setting to set off enemy artillery strikes and car bombs
  • Added AI pick chopper function for player. Call it with 0-0-9
  • Added Intro Cinema
  • Script Tweaks
  • More different objects spawned in villages
  • One very important fix in script (could have even caused the sudden slowdown)

  • v0.8
  • New sleeping/waiting cutscenes/feature
  • Choppers now commit land insertions and may fly patrol around their "cargo"
  • "Takistani Armed Forces 2035"-content added as optional addon.
  • Max amount of different things changes randomly at random times during playing
  • Some features accessibility changes randomly at random times during playing
  • Random time added for reinforcements
  • Mando Missile Script added in dialog (set disabled as default)
  • Dialog text made more clear
  • Performance tweaks
  • Other fixes/tweaks

  • v0.75
  • Heavy changes/improvements for better overall performance
  • 3 New Camps (British, German and Local HQ (now with life))

  • Credits & thanks:
    3rd Party Scripts:
    -Dynamic weather script by Engima (+ folumetric fog effect by BIS)
    -Mando Missiles Script by Mandoble
    -Surrendering script borrowed partly from USPMON (by Mondasa & Kronzky)
    -OilFire script from CE5A_Sandstorm.Takistan (by sxp2high or BIS?) - modified

    -SavedByGrace (Ideas and US battleshouting/AI function voice-overs)
    -Rejenorst (US battleshouting and mortar idea)
    -Bardosy (hungarian battleshouting)
    -Tslava (czech battleshouting)
    -Poacher (british battleshouting)
    -Nettrucker (german battleshouting)

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - Takistani Armed Forces 2035 (Optional)
    - US Marines (Optional)

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