Helmet Mounted IR Strobe by [CJTF] StanThaMan
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[CJTF] StanThaMan released his Helmet Mounted IR Strobe addon on the Armaholic forums which gives the player the ability to turn on and off a helmet mounted IR strobe at any time during a mission.

    Quote [CJTF] StanThaMan :
    Use the scroll wheel or [ and ] to open the action menu by default. Select the option “IR Strobe On” to enable then “IR Strobe Off” to disable. The strobe will be deactivated upon entering a vehicle and will need to be turned on again after exiting.

    This addon does not attach an IR strobe model to the helmet only the blinking strobe effect. The strobe can be activated at anytime and does not require an IR strobe to be in the players inventory.

Written on 2013-01-24 08:03 by StanThaMan  

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