Author: Iceman77
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: beta 0.3

Short description: A UI for armed assault conquest mode

Date: 2013-02-06 16:23

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Standalone Conquest Loadout UI


For the last ~month, I've been working on a new game mode called conquest. So far, I really haven't wanted to share the UI files (for good reason). As long as users read & understand the agreement that's within the example mission, I have no problems with people using the UI for personal/clan use (ONLY) in exchange for some feedback.
The UI isn't meant to be used with AI, but I see no problems.

- Supports MOST blufor weapons
- Easily manage your loadout.
- Easily manage group joining & leaving.
- Weapon restrictions (no dmrs + smaws)
- Game preferences (VD,Grass)
- FOBMan - can deploy a camp for respawns
- Quickly call out to your own (player) team for transport
- Supports 4 groups named Alpha,Bravo,Charlie & Delta
- Change Ui colors on the fly
- Supports backpacks
- keeps track of ammunition/weapons

Installation / Usage:
For detailed instructions and settings please see the release thread.


To do:
- Add all BAF weapons
- Make UI insta pop upon starting on a dedicated server & upon respawn
- Auto calibrate the UI/weapons based on players side or faction
- Pass over user defined group names to the UI

Known issues:
- Doesn't support BAF weapons ATM (save for NLAW)
- if you open the UI, and you have any weapon that isn't supported by the UI, it will not display the correct image / ammo amount. Try to not scavenge for weapons (dead bodys IE; AKs), until I work this out.
- *For best readability, go to your options & make sure your UI size is set to normal and you're aspect ratio is appropriate for your monitor.

*just a precaution

Possible known issues:
I'm unsure of the camp/fob feature atm. Maybe need to add respawn eventhandler to fobman, to readd the action (if it's supposed to be availbale)

Beta v0.3
- Fixed a small typo in the total magazine count switch. Previously if users only had 2 inv. slots filled, it would show 3.

Beta v0.2
- Fixed JIP issue with empty dialog
- users can now edit the default color scheme of the UI as well as change the UIs color on the fly.
- Group joining is now much better. Jip compatible & also refreshes the lists automatically. Thanks to Mikie Boy.
- Added IR Strobe
- Added Backpacks
- Added primary ammunition slot counter

Beta v0.1
- first release

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- BI forums

- Arma 2

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