Invasion 1944 Patch version 2.65 released
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Pac from the Invasion 1944 project sent us patch version 2.65 for Invasion 1944 - D-Day.

    Quote Pac :
    Version 2.65 has been released and is now available for download through Armaholic, ModDB, Play withSix, and Six-Updater.

    • New: Ambulance units (I44_Car_G_Kfz1_GrayOpen_Medic_WH, I44_Car_B_WillysAB_Medic_Army, I44_Car_A_WillysMB_Medic_Army)
    • New: Warfare salvage and supply trucks (I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Warfare_Salvage_WH, I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Warfare_Supply_WH, I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Warfare_Salvage_Army, I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Warfare_Supply_Army)
    • New: Improved behind armor effects on low caliber rounds
    • New: Sherman tanks cannon gyro-stabilizers
    • Fixed: BMW75 Bike wheels
    • Fixed: Zeroing options removed from AT weapons
    • Fixed: Hetzer main cannon name
    • Fixed: Infantry standing close/boarding tanks registering as a hit
    • Fixed: Some issues with armor penetration system
    • Fixed: Churchill tank disappearing at distance
    • Fixed: Churchill and Cromwell not working correctly with penetration system
    • Fixed: Missing/incorrect file reference for shell bouncing sound
    • Fixed: Top mounted MG's on tanks could be fired while turned in on tanks that did not have interior controls
    • Fixed: Tank cannon recoil
    • Fixed: Hanomag with GrW34 not working with Artillery computer
    • Fixed:MP Missions:
        All Battlegrounds C&H updated to v2.65 with the following changes:
        - TPW Suppression updated to latest release
        - Squad leader teleport available from main base flag
        - Armored vehicle side crew checks
        - Rebalanced vehicle selection
        - Diary updated with accurate information and tips on gameplay

    Two versions of the 100 player C&H Omaha Invasion mission included, v2.65a with landing sequence, and v2.65b with Rangers starting on the beach. Version 2.65a is the intended version, but in case landing sequence degrades performance v2.65b has been included.

    There are some issues with the latest A2OA beta patches after build 100697, suggest rolling back if you are using a higher version until BI can solve the issues caused. The recommended beta is available from here.

Written on 2013-02-04 16:07 by Pac  

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