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Version: 2.2

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Date: 2007-08-23 20:21

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NWD ScopeFix

This mod replaces all small arms optics with accurate versions, with reticles redrawn from scratch. Version 2 reticles also feature brand new optics models done from scratch, enabling reticle illumination and widescreen support. Reticles will be illuminated between dusk and dawn, whenever lights are on as decided by ArmA. Specific information about each reticle can be found under "extended information" at the image pages linked above. In short, all rangefinders, windage lines, mil dots, and BDC ticks are now at least 95% accurate, and the scope reticles now look (mostly) like they do in real life.

All troops with binoculars will use binoculars with the M22 reticle (the old Steiner M22, not the new Northrop laser safe M22--I don't know what that reticle looks like) by default. If you wish for eastern troops to use binoculars with the BPOs reticle (old Soviet issue, but the new binoculars--whatever they are--probably use the same reticle), you must use one of the optional mods below. To use binoculars for rangefinding, follow the real procedures.

This mod has usurped the ACOG and M19 binocular reticle mods provided with the first release of my ballistics mod.

These are provided in the "extras" folder. To install any of these, move them to the "addons" folder. Don't place two binocular zoom mods in the addons folder at the same time, or the reticles may be incorrectly calibrated.

NWD_G36_NarrowFOV.pbo -- 5° FOV G36 Reticle
    This is equal to the real field of view of the G36 3x optic. However, I'm pretty sure the G36 scope is meant to be used with both eyes open. Not only is this impossible in ArmA, but the only aimed mode for the G36 is through the scope; there is no red-dot optic for close range. This is provided mostly in case someone manages to add a G36 with a working red-dot sight, but you can use it if you think the 50% larger field of view I've provided by default is "cheating."
NWD_4xBinoculars.pbo -- 4x M22 and 4x BPOs Binoculars
    The default ScopeFix binoculars provide a realistic 7° horizontal FOV on a 4:3 monitor. If that's not enough for you, these provide a realistic 7° FOV vertically as well, although they are only 4x power instead of 5.25x power as in the default mod.
NWD_7xBinoculars.pbo -- 7x M22 or 7x widescreen M22 and 7x BPOs Binoculars
    While the defaultScopeFix binoculars provide a realistic 7° horizontal FOV, they are only 5.25x power. The real binoculars are 7x power. If that makes you feel slighted, this mod is for you. As you can see, however, these binoculars have a restricted 5° horizontal FOV in a 4:3 resolution. If you have a widescreen monitor, you may prefer NWD_7xBinoculars_Widescreen.pbo instead. This mod provides nearly the full 7° field of view if you have a 16:9 monitor. You can use this on 4:3 monitors, too, but it doesn't feel like looking through binoculars at all.
NWD_8xGTLDII.pbo -- 8x power GTLD II display
    The default laser designator display is correctly proportioned, but is only 5.25x power so it can all fit on the screen. The real optic is 10x power, but that just won't fit. In this mod, the optics portion is zoomed in to 8x power, and fills the whole screen horizontally. The view field is very restricted vertically, so the display can still be shown. It still turned out pretty well, though.
NWD_AK74_PSO1.pbo -- AKS-74 PSO-1 Reticle:
    The default ScopeFix reticle for the AKS-74 is a PSO-1-1 style 400m rangefinder reticle. This reticle is a PSO-1 style 1000m rangefinder reticle. I don't know what the special reticle the Russian special forces use when they put a PSO on an AK-74 looks like, but I'll bet it looks like one of these. Use whichever you like more. The PSO-1 style reticle has an 800 m chevron in addition to the 100, 400, and 600m chevrons, but it's nearly impossible to hit anything at 800m with an AKS-74.
NWD_M107_M8541.pbo -- M8541 scope for the M107
    This reticle would be a better fit on an M40A3, but he Marines eventually intend to use this scope for all of their scoped rifles, including the M107. It's a 3-12x power scope with a very busy reticle that I don't particularly care for. The reticle should be in the first focal plane and therefore vary in size when the scope is zoomed, but that's probably not possible in ArmA. It's calibrated to 12x magnification instead.
    This pbo may cause problems in multiplayer, and any mission created with it active will require all clients to be using it. This pbo replaces the M22 binoculars with BPOs binoculars for all Eastern troops. It also adds binoculars to all special forces troops because, by golly, they should have binoculars.
The ScopeFix pbo also includes a PSO-1-1 reticle calibrated for 9x39mm SP-5. This is included because I know for sure that it exists and is used by the Russian army. I can't say that about many PSO reticle designs. The BIS PSO reticle was from a civilian POSP, for instance--not a combat scope.

If anyone wants to use any of these reticles in a mod, go right ahead. I'd like that you give me credit and use the opticsZoom values in my mod, but that's all.

I am still looking into providing binoculars to tank commanders, but it seems that inside and outside optics are forced to have the same magnification.

Included files:

Known issues:
#Russian weapons are disadvantaged at long range by these ballistics. That's just the way it is. However, US 5.56 mm is simulated as brand new NATO-spec M855 green tip while 5.45 mm ammo is simulated as poorly-performing 1970's style 7N6 because it's the only cartridge I could find definite data on. The Russian ammo included in the mod is very common ammo, especially for non-Russian armies, so this isn't as outrageous as it may seem. The Russian army may be issuing 7N10 enhanced penetration ammo to front-line units nowadays, so I'll try to implement this ammo if I can find enough data--for parity, if nothing else. I plan to make M995 AP for the M249 and 7N22 AP for the spec-ops AKS-74 some time in the future, too.

#Subsonic rounds are not as accurately simulated as the others. Subsonic 5.45 does exist, and is in fact the only type of ammo that can safely be fired through a suppressed AK-74 in real life, but I couldn't find any information about it except its name (7U1) and weight (80 grains). Subsonic 5.56 is not used by any military. Various subsonic handloads exist, and you can buy very heavy subsonic custom ammo, but no military in the world uses subsonic 5.56. Nonetheless, I've filled the 5.56SD magazines with 75 grain subsonic cartidges. This ammunition should not, by rights, cycle the action of an M4. I think I'll switch it to 100 grain Extreme Shock nonsense in the next version because of that. I'll also see if I can restrict availability of 5.56SD magazines, and give special ops guys a majority of Mk. 262 ammunition instead.

#Damage depends on bullet speed in ArmA. I've tweaked the 5.56mm and 5.45mm rounds with this in mind. They should be one-hit kill at ranges below 50m, about the same damage as stock at 200m, and less damage past that. At 800m, it will take about 8 hits to kill someone unless you hit them in the head (you wouldn't be able to penetrate their body armor, anyway). Damage for other bullets may be a bit off. Subsonic rounds in particular might need some work.

#If you use the ExtraBinoculars mod, you will not be able to call up Russian binoculars with the "b" key; you need to use the action menu. This is a limitation of ArmA, in that the binoculars key will only work with the "Binocular" weapon. It will not work with anything else currently occupying your binoculars slot, such as my "EastBinocular" weapon. You can still use the "next weapon" key to put your binoculars away, so this is only a minor inconvenience.

#Mil dots aren't perfectly sized due to resolution issues, but they're close enough as long as you don't try to subdivide them too accurately. I may be able to make it more accurate by using multiple textures, but the difference probably wouldn't be noticeable except at very high resolutions.

#Night vision field of view settings are ignored by the game. As it is, the stock NVG model is probably the best compromise. Two NVG optics models that take up less of the screen are included in the ScopeFix pbo, but the field of view is far too wide if you zoom the view out. Neither of these models is enabled by default.

#The BPOs reticle is probably too thick. It matches illustrations I have, but illustrations are usually wrong. If anyone has a photo of this reticle, I'll change it in an instant.

#The laser designator in the game is probably supposed to be a SOFLAM and not the newer GTLD II, but they're mostly identical. The displays are different between the two units, but I don't really know what the SOFLAM display looks like. It's probably pretty similar, but without the elevation and azimuth displays. The font on my display is probably too large as well, but I don't know how big it's supposed to be.

#Due to a misunderstanding of the proper optics model dimensions, optics created before v2.2 are 2.4% bigger than intended. This doesn't have an effect in the game, since I'd unknowingly corrected for this error when I calibrated the zoom levels. For future reference, the proper reticle model size is a 1.00x0.75 unit display inside a 5.12x3.84 unit square.

- New, thinner M22 binocular reticle, from photos
- New GTLD II laser designator optics
- New Javelin CLU display

- Fixed missing texture in default G36 reticle

- First release

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